The List Of World’s Safest Cities Released By Economist Intelligence Unit; Two Indian Cities Made It To The List

Safest Cities 2021via

6. Amsterdam

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam is in the sixth position with points 79.3 out of 100. It has a large number of canals. For this reason, it is referred to as the Venice of the North, a UNESCO recognized it as a Heritage site. Amsterdam is leading in personal security like Copenhagen.


7. Wellington

Wellington, New Zealand

With 79 points, wellington became the seventh in the list of safest cities in the world. It is the capital city of New Zealand and the center for most of the public services and government operations. Wellington is one of the leading cities in Environmental security.


8. Hong Kong

Hong Kong

Hong Kong secured 78.6 points and reached the eighth position in the top 10 safest cities in the world.  An extensive passenger rail network, ‘MassTransit Railway,’ connecting 93 metro stations in Hong Kong. And it is also one of the populous cities in the world. Hong Kong secured more points to lead in infrastructure security. Other leading cities in infrastructure are Singapore, Copenhagen, Toronto, and Tokyo.


9. Melbourne

Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne, a city in Australia, is the ninth on the list of safest cities in the world with a score of 78.6 points out of 100. It consists of 31 local municipalities and is called Greater Melbourne. Health securities are good in Melbourne as in Tokyo, Hong Kong, and Singapore.


10. Stockholm

Stockholm, Sweden

Sweden’s capital city Stockholm managed to score 78 points and took place in the top 10 lists of the safest cities in the world. Stockholm was awarded as World Smart City award for leading the European Smart Cities and Communities project in 2019. Stockholm is one of the leading cities in personal security.

Indian cities Delhi and Mumbai had secured the 48th and 50th position respectively in the list of 60 safest cities in the world.

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