Lexie Alford, A 21-Year-Old Girl Is The Youngest Person To Visit Every Country In The World

She Started Her Plan Back In 2016

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Undoubtedly, traveling is the best experience anyone can have. It always feels great to visit some less explored places in different countries. Recently, America’s 21-year-old Lexie Alford became the youngest person to travel every sovereign country of the world. Lexie has submitted the proof of her journey to the Guinness Book for the verification. She also beat the world record of James Asquith who set the record for being the youngest globe trotter as he was 24 years old back when he set the record.


Her Family Had A Travel Agency

Lexie Alford Traveled The World

In her interview, Lexie said, “My family had a travel agency in California. Each year my parents would send me to travel to different places for several weeks.” She further continued, “As time goes on, my parents took me to different countries. From the floating villages of Cambodia to the Burj Khalifa, my parents showed me the value of those places that also generated a curiosity inside me for traveling. I never wanted to make a record; I just wanted to see the world.”


Lexie Alford Started Her Plan In 2016

Lexie Alford Traveled The World

Lexie told that she started her plan to travel the world back in 2016. She said,” By the age of 18, I had traveled to 72 countries. I have completed high school and had my associate degree from a regional college. And, I felt I was ready for the journey.”


How Did She Pay Her Expenses?

Lexie Alford Traveled The World

Talking about her travel expenses, she told how she planned about the expenses. She said, “A huge fraction of the total expenses were paid by me. Apart from that, I had dealt with some brands but I never made anyone the official sponsor for this journey. I had been saving money since I was 12. Moreover, before the journey, I researched about the countries and where I could get budget-friendly hotels.”


She Didn’t Buy Any Sim Card From Any Country

Lexie Alford Traveled The World

The quirkiest fact about Lexie’s journey was that she did not buy any sim card from any country. This allowed her to know about the culture of the place closely.

This is an incredible achievement by Lexie. What do you think about this? Tell us in the comments.

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