This Man’s Story Of His last Selfie With His Wife Says An Important Message To All


A fraction of second is enough for any miracle as well as for any disaster to occur.

A fraction of second can turn a person upside down.

Almost every person experiences the value of time and that’s what exactly happened with Karthick too. It’s indeed a very heartbreaking post.

Chennai resident Karthick shared the story of losing his pregnant wife in an accident. Through the post, he warns and conveys an important message to all those who don’t take the concept of safe driving seriously.

This Is What Happened

His wife Uma Maheswari died on January 13 after struggling for her life for nearly a week.

They too got married only five months ago in August, 2016 after a nine-year-long relationship. He took to Face book to narrate the entire incident. The heart melting thing is uma was four months and 23 days pregnant when the accident took place.

The two were riding on the morning of January 7 when she fell from the bike and met with a head injury. Unfortunately, she wasn’t wearing a helmet. Uma was immediately taken to a local hospital and then to Apollo, where she was put on life support. But on January 12, the unborn child was announced dead and a day later, Uma succumbed to her injuries.

“I just asked to God why you are so cruel to me I loved her from 23Aug 2007 which is 9 years and got married on 21 Aug 2016 and her life end on Jan 13th not even 5 months she is pregnant u took her along with you without thinking how I am going to survive rest of my life??” wrote a heartbroken Karthick.

In case of any unfortunate event, the couple had decided to donate their organs. However, the doctors couldn’t stabilize her body to be able to donate organs. The reason, Karthick says, he posted the status was as a warning for people who drive irresponsibly.

“(S)afety measures should be taken whenever u drive I was wearing an helmet but I failed to buy an helmet for my wife so it’s necessary whoever travel with u should have helmet it cost u very less than a life (sic),” he wrote.

Read the full post here.

May GOD give you strength to bear the loss. It’s highly impossible to bear the pain. We pray GOD to give you strength to overcome this unbearable pain.

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