Mumbai Lady Pushed A Man In Front Of Moving Train, Check Video, Kurla Police Arrested Her

The Man Who Accompanied Her Is Still Not Identified

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This past Saturday, a woman along with a man pushed a 56-year-old businessman named Deepak Chamanlal Patwa in front of a running train. The businessman died on the spot and the criminals escaped the spot with ease. However, Kurla railway police officers arrested the woman, Manisha Khakadiya, the prime accused.


A Woman Pushed A Man In Front Of A Running Train

Kurla Railway Police

In her defense, the woman said that the business was physically harassing her on the train station. She raised her voice against that and caused a ruckus there. In the heat of the moment, an unknown man and she pushed Deepak Patwa in front of a running train.


Kurla Railway Police Arrested The Woman

Kurla Railway Police

The inspector of Kurla railway police, Mahesh Balwantrao, senior said “Claiming that Patwa, a Mulund resident, touched her inappropriately, Khakadiya created a ruckus. A man, who was among the crowd that had gathered, intervened and started to fight with Patwa. When Patwa denied the allegations, the man got furious and pushed him. The CCTV recordings show the man had seen the train approaching when he pushed Patwa off the platform. Patwa was run over by the train and died on the spot.”


The Man Is Still Being Searched For

Kurla Railway Police

The complaint was filed by Patwa’s relative and Kurla railway police had to check out the CCTV footage. After some investigations, they arrested Manisha Khakadiya on Tuesday morning from her home in Chembur. Inspector Balwantrao further continued, “We then got her mobile location and found she was at Mulund station at the time of the incident. We arrested her for murder and are now on the lookout for the man.”

Check the full CCTV footage here.

We cannot conclude if the man was actually physically harassing her or not. Hence, more it seems like a murder instead of homicide. What do you think? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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