Kuki Community Leader Nemcha Kipgen Residence Set On Fire By Attackers In Manipur

Nemcha Kipgen Manipurvia

On the evening of Wednesday, June 14, attacks started. It resulted in the burning of the official mansion of Nemcha Kipgen, Manipur’s only female minister. Hostilities between the Meitei and Kuki-Zo populations remain. Furthermore, Kigpen, the state’s industry minister and Kangpokpi constituency MLA, was not at her official residence at the time of the incident. The bungalow is located in the Imphal West district’s Lamphel neighborhood.


Why Did The Attack Happen at Nemcha Kipgen Residence?

Nemcha Kipgen's Residence Set On Fire

On May 3, disputes began in response to a ‘Tribal Solidarity March’ in the hill districts. The march was organized in response to the Meitei community’s request for Scheduled Tribe (ST) designation.

Meiteis account for around 53% of Manipur’s population and live primarily in the Imphal Valley. Nagas and Kukis, categorized as tribal communities, make up about 40% of the population and live in the hill districts.

According to officials, nine people were killed, and 10 others were injured after a violent attack. It happened in a village in Manipur’s Khamenlok region, which has been afflicted by ethnic tensions. Following that, the official quarters of Kipgen, a Kuki community leader, were set on fire, even though no one was present at the time.

When firefighters arrived, the flames were quickly extinguished, preventing the fire from spreading to the nearby neighborhood. As of yet, no one group has claimed responsibility for the attack.

Earlier, in the region of Imphal East and Kangpokpi districts, armed individuals reportedly surrounded the Kuki village in the Khamenlok area and carried out the attack around 1 a.m.


Investigation Process  Result

Nemcha Kipgen

In addition, authorities have discovered weapons and 63 rounds of ammunition in the Tengnoupal and Imphal East districts in the last 24 hours.

Manipur’s security advisor, Kuldiep Singh, has reported a total recovery of 1,040 firearms, 13,601 rounds of ammunition, and 230 different types of explosives thus far.

As previously stated, the curfew relaxation hours in Imphal East and Imphal West districts have been reduced from 5 a.m. to 6 p.m. to 5 a.m. to 9 a.m. Curfews remain in effect in 11 of Manipur’s 16 districts, while internet services remain suspended throughout the entire northeastern state.

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