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Kerala Couple Got Separated In 1946 And Reunited After 72 Years In 2018

They Got Separated With Out Having Their Fault

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We have many stories about how people suffered the loss of their loved ones during the freedom war. Amitav Ghosh’s shadow lines describe a similar story. A female writer named Santha Kavumbayi had written a novel titled as “December 30”. The novel is based on a real-life story of a Kerala couple who got separated during the freedom war and they reunited after 72 years.


The Kerala Couple Got Married In 1946

Kerala Couple Reunited

This is the story of Narayanan Nambiar and Sarada who got married he early 1946 while the rebellion was on its peak. On December 30, 1946, the 18-year-old Narayana was one of the 100 farmers who united to take the fight to the feudal landlord. They surrounded the house of the feudal landlord and they were about to launch the attack. However, the British forces deployed the police that killed five of the rebels. The rest of the farmers were put behind the bars. Luckily, Narayanan escaped without getting hurt.


The Incident That Changed Everything

Kerala Couple Reunited

The Malabar special police raided his house and threatened the women. Later on, Narayanan and his father were jailed meanwhile Sarada was sent to her parent’s house for her safety. Nambiar was kept in jail for several years and some of the prisoners were shot dead inside the jail while rest of the prisoners were moved to Kannur. It was believed that Nambiar was dead.


Sarada Married Another Man

Kerala Couple Reunited

According to writer Santha Kavumbayi, “Valliamma (Sarada) had no idea if her husband was alive and she was compelled to marry another man, while Valiyachan (Narayanan Nambiar) also married another woman.” She along with her brother and Madhukumar decided to reunite the separated couple.


A Warm Reunion

Kerala Couple Reunited

Somehow they found Sarada’s son Bharghavan Parassinikkadavu and together they decided that Sarada and Narayanan should meet once. So, on December 26 the old couple reunited once again. Madhukumar said, “It was literally an emotional reunion, even though they didn’t talk much. But the warmth within was writ large on their face when he patted her head and then bid adieu,”

The story is quite heart touching as the couple got separated without having their fault. What do you say about this? Tell us in the comments.

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