Kedarnath Temple Bans The Use Of Mobile Phones And Photography

Kedarnath Temple Implements New Rules Following Viral Video Incident

Kedarnath Temple Photography Ban

In a bid to uphold the sanctity of the revered Kedarnath Temple, authorities have recently imposed new regulations after a video featuring a woman blogger proposing to her boyfriend in front of the temple went viral. The Shri Badrinath-Kedarnath Temple Committee has taken swift action, prohibiting devotees from using mobile phones, capturing photographs, or recording videos on the temple premises. The move aims to maintain the temple’s spiritual ambiance while respecting its beliefs and traditions.


No Mobile Phones Or Cameras Allowed

Signboards have been strategically placed across the temple premises, both in Hindi and English, clearly instructing visitors not to carry mobile phones within the temple premises. The rules strictly forbid any form of photography or videography inside the temple, as the devotees are under the watchful eye of CCTV cameras. Failure to comply with these regulations will result in legal consequences.


Preserving Tradition And Devotion


Ajendra Ajay, the president of the Shri Badrinath-Kedarnath Temple Committee. Emphasizes the importance of maintaining the religious sanctity of the temple. He reminds devotees that religious spaces hold a deep-rooted belief system. And it is vital to respect and honor these traditions. At the same time, no complaints have been reported from Badrinath Dham. Thus, similar signboards will also be installed there to ensure the sanctity of the temple complex.


Dress Code And Prohibited Activities

Jai Kedarnath

Apart from restrictions on mobile phone usage and photography, the temple authorities have urged visitors to dress modestly and avoid setting up tents or camps on the temple premises. These guidelines aim to create an atmosphere of reverence and solemnity for all devotees.


Preserving The Sacred Legacy

Kedarnath Wind Bath

The Kedarnath Temple, nestled amidst the scenic beauty of the Himalayas, holds immense religious significance for countless devotees. The recent viral video proposal incident has prompted the temple committee to take proactive steps to preserve the sacred space’s spiritual ambiance and cultural heritage. By adhering to these rules, visitors can contribute to the harmonious and respectful environment cherished for centuries.

In conclusion, the Shri Badrinath-Kedarnath Temple Committee’s decision to ban mobile phone usage. Thus photography and videography within the premises of Kedarnath Temple are necessary to preserve the temple’s sanctity. The rules and guidelines serve as a reminder to all visitors to respect the deep-rooted traditions. Therefore maintain the spiritual atmosphere that surrounds this iconic religious site.

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