You Wont Believe What Jackie Shroff Did In Lucknow’s Traffic – Inspiring Act

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When we think of our favorite Bollywood heroes, we think of luxury and pomp. However, when it comes to star Jackie Shroff, he has always been on the humble and down-to-earth side. He is after all, affectionately known as ‘Bhidu’ by friends. Read on to find out an act of responsibility and duty he did that has him capturing everyone’s appreciation again.


Jackie Shroff Controls Traffic

Lucknow’s traffic is bad, for civilians of all cadre. All including Jackie Shroff who was in the area as well. As bad luck had it, the star was caught in traffic. What he did, amazes all of us. Shroff got out of his luxury car and began to clear the traffic in the area, by himself. This took everyone by sheer surprise! An actor with a comfortable car, he was under no obligation to leave his comfortable space to help.


The video of his act has been going viral and has people looking up to him. His act from his humble nature is setting him apart from every other star in Bollywood. The star shared the video himself on Twitter. He captioned it, ‘Lucknow Traffic Control’.


Watch The Video Here

And of course, as expected, Twitteratis were beyond impressed and expressed their admiration and praise for the actor. Some of which include, ‘Totally bindhas bhidu!!!!’, ‘That’s the real dada,, from the front… Nice. Thanks’, ‘this is the inspiration for all to do like that and also this is the message for our @lucknowtraffic and @lucknowpolice’.

We are impressed with Jackie’s humble act. What do you think? It is indeed rare to find an actor from the big league goes out of their luxury to help those in need. Let us know your opinions in the comments below. Also, check out how this sincere employee got his boss’s car as a gift, here.

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