Buy A House In Italy At Just Rs 81, This Italian Town Has An Offer For You

The Houses Are Located At A Hilltop Area That Encompasses Beautiful View

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Whenever we think about buying property, we form a long term budget for it. Moreover, it is the matter of a huge budget. Admittedly, most of the big cities are having problems due to the excessive population but there are still many cities which are suffering from depopulation and the government has to introduce new offers to restore the depopulated towns. In a similar way, an Italian town offers a house in just €1 (Rs 81).


Italian Town Offers House In Just Rs 81

Italian Town Sambuca House

Sambuca is a town in Sicily, Italy. The town has his historic importance as well as it is surrounded by natural beauty. However, the resident left the town and moved to the bigger cities, the dwindling population will turn the town into ruins. In order to restore the community, the government came up with the plan to sell off the houses at just €1 each. The buyer has to deposit Rs 4,00,000 as the security amount. Apart from that, there is an agreement that the buyer has to spend a minimum of Rs 15,00,000 in the renovation of the house during the following three years. If the mentioned conditions are fulfilled, the security deposit will be refunded.


The Buyers Will Not Be Disappointed

Italian Town Sambuca House

Located on the hilltop area, the houses encompass beautiful views of the Mediterranean island and the nearby beaches. The area range of the houses varies from 430 to 1416 square feet. Sambuca’s deputy mayor and tourist councilor, Giuseppe Cacioppo says, “Sambuca is known as the City of Splendor. This fertile patch of land is dubbed the Earthly Paradise. We’re located inside a natural reserve, packed with history. Gorgeous beaches, woods, and mountains surround us. It’s silent and peaceful, an idyllic retreat for a detox stay.”

This is probably the best offer for those who wanted to buy a house abroad. What do you say? Tell us in the comments.

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