These Pictures By Italian Artist Virginia Mori Will Leave You Amazed

Virginia Mori via

We all love to see drawings, sketches, and paintings by various artists. Also, pictures have an attractive force in them. We can all relate to illustrations and pictures by various artists because that’s the charm of pictures and drawings. These pictures by an Italian artist Virginia Mori will also reload your consciousness. Also, they will make you look at them twice or maybe thrice and you’ll just be amazed by her imagination.

Virginia Mori lives in Milan. She draws very differently, unusual pictures using only ink, pen and pencil. Moreover, Virginia has a degree in design and animation and her paintings are amazing. She has showcased her book illustrations at various exhibitions. Also, she works as a director and an illustrator in short animations.

Her paintings are no less than shots of festival films. They are so detailed and full of thought that you’ll wonder how did she do it. Take a look at some of her most attractive and amazing work. You can find other of her pictures on her Instagram and Facebook page.


1. Missing Cat

Missing cat

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This one is surely true and relatable to many of us.


2. Amazing!

This one is from her book which is also available online.


3. Singin’ In The Rain

Singin’in the rain #virginiamori#illustration

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You need to look twice to understand this one. This is what is called the work of a true artist.


4. Fabulous

We surely love this one. Also, we bet so do you.


5. This One For Book Lovers

Virginia Mori 2015

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6. Happy Birthday

Happy birthday!on late

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7. Unique Style

Virginia Mori 2012

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Could you imagine and guess what this means? It’s an illusion maybe, or something else.


8. Beautiful


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This really left us thinking. Also, it is really amazing.


9. This Is Really Deep

She posted this one around Halloween captioning it with hashtags like #monster, #halloween, #mask, and several others. This picture reflects the hidden masks behind our faces.


10. Wow!

So, these were some of Virginia’s paintings we loved the most. She has drawn several others which you can check on her Instagram and Fb. They surely left us thinking. Virginia Mori is truly an amazing artist with a creative and wide imagination.  Art has so much to it! Check out these hidden meanings in these famous paintings which you surely would not have known so far.