Meet Harjit Masih The Lone Survivor Of ISIS Captivity Who Told How 39 Indians Were Killed

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We all know about the ISIS captivity. Harjit Masih, the lone Indian worker who escaped from Islamic State captivity in Iraq in June 2014, claimed he was shot in the leg but managed to flee. However, our external affairs minister Sushma Swaraj had dismissed his claims in her statement in Rajya Sabha on Tuesday. “He was not willing to explain how he escaped,” she added.

Harjit Masih

The minister said that she had concrete evidence that he was lying. “Harjit had escaped along with Bangladeshis with the help of a caterer using a fake name Ali. The details were revealed to me by Masih’s employer and the caterer who helped him,” the minister said. The sole bread earner in a family of four members, a resident of the village called Kala Afghana in the Gurdaspur district of Punjab, was among those 40 Indian workers who were abducted by the ISIS.

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While talking about the incident in 2017, Harjit said that

“Everything was okay until May 2014. We totally enjoyed working in a factory, although some incidents of firing by the ISIS militants occurred in the outskirts of Mosul. But, just a month later, they all entered our factory and kidnapped us.”


Masih Also Said,

ISIS group

“We were taken to a place which was unidentifiable. And they also forced us to sit on knees, in a row and then started firing. I was shot in my right leg and I fell unconscious. On next day, when I got conscious. I saw all my fellow workers lying dead.”

“So after a few days of walking, I finally managed to reach near a Bangladeshi relief camp. And was immediately rushed to a hospital. Then a week later, I came back to India.” This statement of him seeing his Indian co-workers dead was later dismissed by the central government. Which said that they are calling them as ‘missing’ and the case was shut.

These attackers are so heartless! They don’t have mercy on people and we can’t expect them to be either.  We hope that these horrifying acts come to an end. While this man was arrested for recruiting Kerala youth for ISIS, we still are in danger. Read more here.