10 Apps Which Seem Useless But Their Strange Features Will Blow Your Mind


We in our daily life became so much dependent on technology that today we can’t even imagine our life without it. Mobile phones came into existence so we can remotely talk to each other but with all the new advancements mobile didn’t remain same.

Today we use mobile for doing countless tasks we operate net on it, we click pictures, play games and much more. Mobile Apps were designed to do a specific task; each app is different from each other. Most of them are pretty useful but with the excess of ideas, some apps were created for very strange purposes that they seem useless.

Here Is The List Of 10 Apps Whose Features Are Strangely Interesting

1. Cuddlr


This App helps you to find a right person to cuddle with. whether it works or not is a different issue.

2. RunPee

Run Pee

All the movie buffs attention, here is an app which can tell you the exact boring part of your movie ; so you can go and pee without missing any interesting part of your movie.

3. Pimple Popper

Pimple Popper

Strange that there is an app which provides you to virtually Popp a pimple as many of us are habitual of popping a pimple.

4. The X-Ray App

X Ray

This X-Ray App allows us to create an X-Ray of any body part, though it doesn’t work actually its fun to play around sometimes with this App.


5. IAmAMan


This App tells you about the menstruation cycle of your girlfriend so one can figure out the exact timing when her girl friend’s mood is going to be poor.

6. IFart

I Fart

It gives the whole list of different fart sounds. Sometimes its good to make people laugh with the help of this App.

7. Paper Racing

Paper Racing

Its very useful app to play while spending time in the toilet doing private business, it also gives an option to play online with friends.

8. Places I’ve Pooped


This app works both on iPhone and Android it literally tracks your location with the help of google map and shows each place where you did your business it doesn’t matter whether it was home hotel or hostel.

9. Spirit Story Box


This App is for those who want to do something adventurous. This App detects the ghosts around you and also gives an option to communicate with them.

10. Carr Matey

Strange features

If you have a bad habit to forget the location where you parked your car then definitely this app can do a serious help to you. There are few student friendly apps. Let us know if you have used any of them.