IndiGo Passenger Finds Screw In Spinach Corn Cheese Sandwich: Airline Responds

IndiGo's In-Flight Fiasco: Passenger Finds Screw in Sandwich, Sparks Outrage

IndiGo Passenger Finds Screw In Spinach Corn Cheese Sandwich

A recent incident aboard an IndiGo flight has sparked outrage among passengers and netizens alike. What started as a routine journey from Bengaluru to Chennai turned into a shocking ordeal for one traveler who discovered a screw nestled inside his spinach and corn cheese sandwich.


Passenger’s Shocking Discovery

Got a screw in my sandwich
byu/MacaroonIll3601 inbangalore

The passenger who boarded the flight on February 1 made the alarming discovery only after deboarding the aircraft. Images shared on social media showed the half-eaten sandwich wrapped in the airline’s logo, prompting widespread concern over food safety standards onboard IndiGo flights.


Outcry On Social Media

The incident quickly gained traction on Reddit, with users advising the flyer to take legal action against the airline. Suggestions ranged from filing a complaint with the consumer court to involving the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) to ensure accountability for the lapse in food quality. Therefore, netizens urged the passengers to demand compensation from IndiGo and pursue legal recourse through the consumer court. Criticism was directed towards the airline’s perceived negligence and users expressing disbelief at the presence of foreign objects in onboard meals.


IndiGo’s Response

IndiGo Flight

In response to the controversy, IndiGo emphasized its commitment to maintaining high quality and hygiene standards in onboard meals. Thus, the airline assured passengers that its meals were sourced from reputable caterers and underwent rigorous quality checks to ensure compliance with food safety regulations.


History Of Food Safety Concerns

This incident is not isolated for IndiGo, as the airline previously faced scrutiny over food safety issues. In a separate incident last year. Also, a passenger discovered a worm in a sandwich served on a Delhi-Mumbai flight. Thus prompting intervention from food safety regulators.


Regulatory Action And Industry Response

IndiGo Airline Flight

Following these incidents, the FSSAI convened a meeting with airlines and flight caterers to strengthen food safety protocols within the aviation industry. Airlines were reminded to comply with food safety regulations and provide proper labeling for all items served to passengers as passengers voiced their concerns over food safety standards onboard flights. Therefore, airlines must prioritize transparency and accountability to regain trust and ensure the well-being of travelers. The recent incidents serve as a reminder of the importance of stringent food safety measures in the aviation industry.

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