Indian Railways: Train Passenger Booked Seats From IRCTC That Do Not Exist, This Is What TTE Said

Booking From IRCTC Gone Wrong

Indian Railways TTE

Indian railways are one of the most convenient modes to travel from one place to another. Be it for shorter distances or longer ones, plenty of Indians commute via railways daily. Furthermore, in today’s digital world, most people prefer to book tickets online through the IRCTC website. While booking tickets via this website is super easy, it sometimes can create technical issues. Recently, a strange incident occurred with a passenger who booked two tickets from IRCTC. The seats allotted to him did not exist.

If you are curious to know about this tale, then you are at the right place. Read on to learn about this malfunction by the Indian railways.


Indian Railways Allotted Seats That Do Not Exist

Seat Allocation In Train Indian Railways

On Monday, a very bizarre happening took place in the Indian railways. A passenger from Lucknow wished to travel to Varanasi via train and book two tickets online. He booked the tickets from the IRCTC website. Furthermore, he did so only to find out that the seats that have been allotted to him do not really exist at all.

This peculiar incident took place on 14204 Lucknow-Varanasi Intercity Express. A passenger named Vijay Shukla was traveling with his brother. While booking online tickets for himself and his brother, IRCTC allotted them seat numbers 74 and 75 in the C1 coach. However, what came as a shock was that there were only 73 seats on that coach. Seat numbers 74 and 75 never existed in the C1 coach.


Here Is What The TTE Said To Passenger Vijay Shukla

TTE On Seat Allocation

After encountering this troublesome situation, Vijay Shukla shared what the TTE said to him and his brother. He shared, as we quote,

“A traveling ticket examiner (TTE) told us that such instances are common and that he has complained about the goof-up in ticket bookings to the department concerned and higher officials. But no action was taken so far to resolve the tech glitch.”

Vijay further added by sharing how the TTE informed that other coaches have 75 seats. However, the one allotted to them, C1, has always had 73 seats only.

“As the server shows 75 seats in the coach, 75 people are allotted seats there,” said the TTE to Vijay.

The TTE also said that he has been facing the brunt of passengers who shout and hurl abuses at him. However, what we all must understand is that it is not the TTE’s fault that the malfunction happened. It was a technical glitch.


Did The Two Passengers Get To Travel?

Garib Rath

After such a hassle, you might be wondering if Vijay and his brother got to travel or not. Well, they did get to travel as they were allotted different seats in a different coach.

Furthermore, talking about this issue Ashish Singh, station director of the Charbagh railway station, also gave his insights. He said, as we quote,

“This problem was brought to our attention 15 days ago. We have relayed the information to the Centre for Railway Information Systems (CRIS), responsible for maintaining a majority of key information systems of Indian Railways. If the problem persists, we will look into it.”

Glitches and malfunctions tend to happen on the IRCTC website. However, we should try and be sure about everything while booking.

Have you ever faced such an issue? What did you do? Do tell us via the comments below.

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