India Ranks Third Globally In Google Content Removal Requests

"Google's Global Content Drama: India Takes Center Stage in Removal Requests"

Google Content Removal

In a digital era dominated by entertainment, gossip, and reviews, a surprising backstage drama unfolds—Governments worldwide are pulling the strings to remove content from Google platforms. According to a recent study by Surfshark, India has emerged as a leading player in this content removal tango, ranking third globally with a staggering surge of 26% in 2022.


The Indian Government’s Digital Demands

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Over the past decade, the Indian government has flexed its digital muscles, sending Google a whopping 19.6k requests for content removal. This averages to five requests per day, covering a spectrum from defamation claims (20.1%) to impersonation (16.3%) and concerns over privacy and security (8.3%).


A Defamation Drama

Defamation takes center stage in India’s content removal requests, with government agencies aiming to safeguard reputations from claims of libel, slander, and corporate defamation. The digital battlefield also sees impersonation as a prominent concern involving malicious tools intended to harm someone’s reputation. Privacy and security round up the top three, highlighting worries about violations of user privacy and personal information.


Google’s Hot Seat In India


The Indian government’s top three content removal agents since 2019 are the police and court orders against Google. And the Information and Communications Authority. YouTube takes the lead as the most targeted platform (8.8k removal requests), followed by Google Play Apps (4.3k). And web search (1.4k). Surprisingly, in 2022 alone, the government submitted 26% more requests compared to the previous year, painting a vivid picture of India’s evolving digital landscape.


Global Players In The Digital Drama

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While India takes the spotlight, it’s not alone in the global content removal theater—six countries, including Russia, South Korea, Turkey, Brazil, and the United States. Therefore, it accounts for over 85% of total requests over the last decade. Russia leads the pack with a staggering 215k requests, averaging 59 daily, followed by South Korea with 27k requests (7 daily). India stands strong in the third spot with 20k requests at a rate of 5.5 per day. Zooming out. Thus, the global stage witnessed a crescendo in content removal requests, surpassing 355k over the last decade. The year 2022, in particular, is marked by a record-breaking 50% surge in removal requests from government agencies. YouTube takes the trophy as the most targeted platform (175k removal requests), closely followed by Google Search (104k) and Blogger (17k).


Government Justifications

Governments globally deploy a variety of reasons to justify their content takedown requests. As mentioned in 27% of requests, national security matters lead the charge, closely followed by copyright concerns (20%). Defamation, regulated goods and services, and privacy and security each account for 10% of the justifications. Thus creating a diverse landscape of digital disputes. As governments worldwide increasingly seek the removal of undesirable content. Also, questions arise about the delicate balance between genuine concerns for public safety and the potential encroachment into censorship. The digital drama unfolds, leaving us to ponder the evolving dynamics of information control in an age where entertainment, gossip, and reviews share the limelight with governments’ digital demands.

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