This Viral Video Of Inder Kumar Raised The Speculations About The Cause Of His Death

It Is Believed That The Video Is Probably A Scene From The Movie He Was Working In

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Inder Kumar was an Indian actor who appeared in many Bollywood movies including,  Khiladiyon Ka Khiladi, Kahin Pyaar Na Ho Jaaye, and Masoom. Started his Bollywood journey in 1996, Inder Kumar predominantly did the supporting roles.

The actor passed away last year due to a cardiac arrest. Recently, his self-recorded video went viral over social media and it is believed that the video was shot before the death of the actor.


Viral Video Of Inder Kumar

In the video, Inder Kumar can be seen holding a liquor bottle and exploding about the emotional trauma he was going through. He said, “I came to Mumbai to become an actor but because of some mistakes. Now, I am nowhere”. He was seen as quite emotional in the video he said that he is going to commit suicide. At the end of the video, he apologized to his parents for the step he was about to take.


Raised Speculations About His Death

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Since the video has gone viral on social media; the death of the actor has now been seen from a different angle. It can be the case of a suicide. Or the video can be a scene from the movie which he was working in before his death. According to reports, Inder’s wife, Pallavi is planning to hold a press conference to clear the rumors about the viral video.


He Was Accused Of Rape

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Back in 2014, Inder was accused of raping a struggling actress. He had to spend 45 days in prison. He told that his life took a swing after the incident and everyone started keeping a distance from him. To conclude, he could not get any projects and he had no money.

The viral video has raised the speculations about his death. It is hard to tell if it is related to his death or not. What do you say? Share in the comments.

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