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Downloading Instagram stories can become a necessary activity for you if you run a company account and curate the content strategy on Instagram. And the fact is that in the application you will not have any opportunity to download instastories, so you need to use special tools in order to keep the media in original quality.

These assistants, which you can most often use without registration and without payment, will help you download different Stories IG formats. Instagram is a tremendous source of content that is uploaded in the application every second.  You will be able to download photos, videos, and Instagram stories from any public profile.

And in order to download stories from a profile, you will need to copy only the link to this account or the URL to the material, or a specific social media post. It is important to understand that when you take screenshots or make a record of the screen, a video or photo that will be saved in the memory of your device will not be of high quality. Therefore, if you need materials in the best resolution to use later or to edit, then such services are what you need and will make your work easier. Further in this article, we will show you a simple action plan on how to choose a service for keeping content from Instagram. You will also learn several ways to use Stories and other authors’ content that may be useful to you offline.


Instastories Download Proven Way To Preserve The Quality

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So in order to start downloading a Story, you will need to choose one of the downloader services that are now available online. All these services are web-based, which means that you will not need to leave login details on your Instagram profile. And this implies that the process of downloading and viewing the content will be completely anonymous.

Since you don’t log in to your Instagram account, users won’t see your account in the list of viewers and they will know that you saved his content. This way you keep complete privacy and can use downloaders and tools to view Instagram stories if, for example, some accounts have blocked you, or if you just don’t want to give out your nickname in the list of those who viewed it. These are the noticeable advantages of using such services if you need to view Instagram stories without traces.

  • Prepare A URL

When it’s required to download a story, Highlights, or even Instagram Live, then most likely the downloader will ask you for a link to the account from which you want to start downloading.

  • Content Is Ready For Downloading

After you determine the address by inserting a URL into the search bar of the service, it will start searching and display the media available to download. As a rule, you’ll see not only stories that a user has downloaded during the last 24 hours, but also Live sessions saved to the account. Also, many services will open for you an archive of Stories that a user has saved on his account in the Highlight sections. In this way, an incredible amount of content will open up before your eyes for downloading. You can use it offline, publish on your account, refer to the source, or you can use that content as a basis for other creatives.

What Other Additional Functions Can Such Downloaders Perform?

If you pick a newer and more powerful service, then you will be able to download not just one story from any profile, but a lot of content at once and even download a whole user profile with all photos, videos, and materials published. Just imagine that millions of files will become available for recycling, Instagram will become a library of content for you.

It is worth understanding that Instagram is not a stock where content can be downloaded and used for commercial purposes. Therefore, when posting this content on some other sources, your blog for example, or on your Instagram account, you must specify the account or the author who originally posted this material. You can often see that Instagram users when using someone’s media files, point out that the source is unknown. You need also do this by tagging accounts in captions, so when the audience will watch this material everyone will understand that you don’t violate copyrights. It’s just relevant material that you decided to share on your profile. This is not prohibited by the Instagram rules, but you should be careful and be sure to use the tag function.


How Can I Use Instagram Stories Downloaded In The Original Quality?

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  • Convert Instagram stories into posts for the feed

Sometimes it seems to you that the ideas for posting are over and it is not clear at all how to diversify the feed and make it attractive. Meanwhile, high-quality profile design has a significant impact on new users who are just opening your page for the first time. Without diving into the depth of content and usefulness, only via the profile design new visitors will be able to understand your mission through visuals. Therefore, use this great opportunity and publish the content that you saw somewhere in the stories in your feed.

  • Use Video Stories As Reels

IG Reels is the most fascinating content type now and users spend a lot of time watching these clips, which is very similar to TikTok. Therefore, you don’t need to puzzle over how to shoot some masterpiece for Reels when you can just download a cool clip from stories, edit it with a music track. Published Story will surely collect a lot of views on your account.

  • Transform Instagram stories for posting on other social platforms

Reusing content on different platforms will do its best to increase the reach of your content. Instagram stories can reach not only the audience of Instagram but also the audience that is based on Facebook, for example ( you can make a post in a Facebook group). You can also use some video materials for the website in order to show tutorials, product demonstrations, or showcase satisfied reviews from your customers.

  • Use Instagram Stories For Twitter

Twitter is also gaining momentum and attracts an audience that does not use Instagram reacting more to short informative publications. This audience may be happy to see some stories that you consider relevant. Therefore, if your company or your brand has not yet registered an account, you can duplicate some stories there. To do this, you will need a downloader because so far there is no such fast button to share Stories.

For example, if you sell interior design products, and you even have your own product, you probably track the most famous designers and influential interior decorators in your niche. Every day they publish a lot of content and visuals that can inspire your target audience to buy something from you and can prove confidence in your taste and style. Therefore, downloading stories from Instagram will not only increase your recognition but also demonstrate to your audience the responsible approach in the selection of content. Finally, all the novelties in your niche will be shared with the target clients.

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