India’s Got Talent Season 10 IGT Grand Finale Winner 4th November 2023 Episode: Who Won IGT 10?

India’s Got Talent season 10’s grand finale leaves Badshah and Karan Johar mesmerized!

IGT India's Got Talent Season 10 Finale Winner

As the curtains draw on the tenth season of India’s Got Talent, the anticipation for its grand finale reaches a fever pitch. The show, which has captivated audiences with awe-inspiring talents, is set to culminate in a two-day extravaganza on November 4th and 5th. With judges Badshah, Shilpa Shetty, and Kirron Kher and host Arjun Bijlani at the helm, the finale promises a mesmerizing showcase of exceptional skills and unforgettable moments.


Top 6 Finalists Of India’s Got Talent Season 10

India's Got Talent 10

Zero Degree

Bollywood Hip-Hop Dynamite hailing from the vibrant streets of Mumbai, Zero Degree. The Bollywood hip-hop dancers have not only won the hearts of the judges. But have also become a sensation among millions of viewers. Their journey from performing for friends and family to gracing the grand stage of India’s Got Talent has been nothing short of a dream. Mohammed Mohsin, a member of the group, expressed, “Winning would change our lives forever, but we already feel like winners just being here.”


Abujhmad Malkhamb Academy

Proving that talent knows no boundaries, the Abujhmad Malkhamb Academy from Chhattisgarh. It also has left an indelible mark with their gravity-defying Malkhamb acts. Group leader Manoj shared, “The journey has been filled with hard work and dedication. And the unwavering support of the entire nation. We can’t put into words how grateful and ecstatic we are to stand on this grand stage.”


Golden Girls

The Golden Girls is a 40-member strong dance group from Kolkata. Thus, they consistently impressed the audience with their innovative and mesmerizing performances. Suman from Golden Girls reminisced. “This journey has been a rollercoaster of emotions, from the first audition to this glorious finale. We’ve poured our heart and soul into every performance.”



Known as “Teen Jism Ek Heart,” The ART, an acrobatic dance group, has won over judge Shilpa Shetty’s heart with their gravity-defying moves. Tejas Dhumankhede, a group member, shared their excitement. “This still feels unreal; we all started practicing 15 days before giving the audition. We had a series of ups and downs, but we never gave up.”


Raaga Fusion Musical Fusion Mastery

With their unique fusions that blend classical touches with unconventional instruments like plants and bottles, Raaga Fusion has paved the way for the finale. Ajay, a group member, expressed, “Performing on such a massive stage in front of judges and special guests was an experience of a lifetime.”


Mahila Band

Women Power from Nagaland Proving ‘Aaj Ki Naari, Sabse Bhaari,’ the Mahila Band from Nagaland, consisting of Forest Reserve Officers, making stunned everyone with their talent and dedication. Hoping to make the nation proud, the Mahila Band expressed, “Through IGT, we got the opportunity to showcase our talent nationwide. We hope to win the trophy and make the nation proud.”

The telecast of the finale starts at 9:30 PM on Sony TV. India’s Got Talent Season 10 winners are Abujhmad Malkhamb Academy. Abujhmad Malkhamb Academy is the winner of IGT 10.


Grand Finale Buzz

As the finalists gear up for the grand finale, Judge Badshah has already announced that the performances witnessed are unparalleled. The anticipation and excitement have reached a crescendo. Therefore, the nation awaits to see who will emerge as the ultimate talent champion. Thus, India’s Got Talent Season 10 has been a rollercoaster of emotions. Therefore, showcasing talents from every nook and corner of the country. As the grand finale approaches. Thus, the audience can expect nothing short of a visual spectacle filled with awe-inspiring performances and surprises. Undoubtedly, it is the crowning of the following talent sensation. Don’t miss the Grand Finale airing on November 4th and 5th on Sony. Therefore, it is a celebration of talent, passion, and the indomitable spirit of India.

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