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7 Iconoclast Statements From Men To Prove Physical Attraction Never Fades After Marriage

Iconoclast Statements



“It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single man in possession of good fortune must be in want of a wife”. The first line from Jane Austin’s Pride And Prejudice does contain reality within. Every single one is in the want of a wife. But, what happens after marriage, why everywhere we saw the complaints about lack of interest shown from men after marriage. These complaints show the negative points of marriage. On the other hand we have iconoclast statements from married men that will prove love never fades.


1. Attraction Grows With Time

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“I am attracted to my wife, she is beautiful woman, and I totally out-kicked the coverage in getting her to me. The fact that we have been together for many years and have two wonderful children makes me more attracted to her not less”.


2. Bond That They Share

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“After a tiresome day all I need is rest, but when I look at that smoking hot lady, I feel that unavoidable temptation. I know she has some hypnotizing powers as even after 9 years of marriage she still fascinates me”.


3. Still Chasing Her

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“Been married for almost 22 years, and many pregnancies. Still chasing her around, and in awe of how she looks can’t keep my hands off to the extent that this something bugs her”.


4. Still Fascinates Me

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“After 5 years of marriage we still do crazy things, like having a pizza eating contest, foot race where she always finds the way to cheat to win and arm wrestling match where she can use both hands. Day goes away but the bond always gets stronger”.  


5. She Feels Like Heaven

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“I still love to look at her and hold her. Some days, I’m all over her like a bum on a baloney sandwich. She’s still got that big broad smile I have always loved, pretty brown eyes, and she feels like heaven when I wrap my hands around her. She’s a cook that makes me laugh every day, and for me, there are few things sexier.


6. The Best Decision I Made

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“She was a total badass so not an ideal choice for marriage but I could not resist her temptation, after the marriage we learn so many new things about each other. Now after 4 years, I respect her as much as I respect myself but love her more than myself”.


7. My Heart Skips Beat

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“I still wolf whistle when I see her all dressed. My heart still skips a beat when she looks at me first thing in the morning and smiles. I still feel incredibly proud of her when she pushes herself to do something she wouldn’t have done normally. I am still in awe of how she manages two incredibly noisy and imaginative kids while still handling her old curmudgeon of a husband. Seriously, that guy sucks.


Going through these statements we can feel that there are couples who complete each other and fight everything to keep the smile on the faces of their partners. If you have any experience in this regards you can share it in the comment sections.


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