From Gen 1 To Sensuous Sportiness, Here Is The 17 Years Indian Journey Of Hyundai Verna

Hyundai Verna Journey

The Hyundai Motor Company is a South Korean multinational automotive manufacturer. It was founded back on 29th December 1967. Since then, it has come up with plenty of its models. Specifically, Hyundai Verna has been one of the most popular sedans of all time. Furthermore, can you believe it has been 17 years since this popular sedan existed in the Indian markets? This automaker is all set to bring in its latest model. A model that will best suit the needs of the current generation. In addition to talking about its new model, we are here to have a look back at all its models. Here is a timeline of the Hyundai Verna’s impeccable journey over these 17 years. If you are a car enthusiast, then you are at the right place. Read on to have an enlightening experience.


Successful Launch Of The Hyundai Verna In 2006

2006 Hyundai Verna

The time when Hyundai Verna made its debut was not an easy one. It was a time full of competition as sedans like Honda City and Chevrolet Optra had already established themselves. Nonetheless, to say that Hyundai Verna had a successful launch would be a sheer understatement. It was brought in the mid-2000-s and it has been a bestseller since that time only.

You would be astounded to note that in the first 15 days itself, a total of 5000 units was sold. Furthermore, it had a capacity of 1.6-liter (100 hp) petrol and 1.5-liter (107 hp) diesel engines with manual and automatic transmissions.


First Revamping In 2010

2010 Hyundai Verna Facelift

After a run of 4 years, the Verna got its first revamping done in 2010. It was now upgraded with a new front grille, LED indicators, as well as new ORVMs. Furthermore, it became a lot wider (99mm) and a lot shorter (10mm) compared to the earlier model. This helped the sedan become a lot more spacious.


The ‘Fluidic’ Version Of Verna Arrived In 2011

2011 Hyundai Verna Fluidic

The fluidic version of Verna was one of the biggest and craziest facelifts of that time. Its design was highly appreciated by all car enthusiasts. Furthermore, this upgraded version supported a 1.4-liter (103 hp) and a 1.6-(119 hp) liter petrol engine and one diesel option. In addition, it also offered a speed manual and 4-speed automatic transmission and offered fuel efficiency of up to 23 km/l.


Revamping Of The ‘Fluidic’ Version In 2015

2015 Hyundai Verna Fluidic

The revamping, aka facelifting of the fluidic version of Verna, took place in 2015. It now was modified with features like DRL integrated headlamps, redesigned grille, as well as new bumpers. Furthermore, it also came up with 1GB memory multimedia storage. Everything else related to the mechanicals was left unchanged.


Another Hyundai Verna Upgradation In 2017

2017 Hyundai Verna Fluidic

In the 2017 upgradation of the Verna, called the K2 platform, we saw modifications in design, build quality, performance as well as tech. Furthermore, it came up with 1.6-liter petrol and diesel engines and was also longer and wider than the previous generation model. Interestingly, it also had a 7-inch touchscreen and 6-speaker Arkamys audio system.


The Minor Revamping In 2020

2020 Hyundai Verna Fluidic

In the 2020 minor revamping of Verna, we saw the arrival of the 1.0-liter turbocharged petrol engine option. It produced around 116 hp and 172 nm of torque. Furthermore, this revamped version got a hexagonal grille, sharper LED headlamps, and a new alloy wheel design.


New 2023 Hyundai Verna ‘Sensuous Sportiness’

2023 Hyundai Verna Sensuous Sportiness

After so many models, Hyundai Verna is all set to come up with another one. It is gearing up to launch its latest version in India this year. Some of the teaser photographs suggest a lot of things. What we can decipher from them is that it comes with a complete design. Furthermore, it will be offering 1.5-liter turbo petrol and no diesel. It will also have 4 variants and a 6-speed or 7-speed manual or DTC automatic.

This upcoming version will feature parametric LED lighting on the front and back. Reports suggest that it is indeed more significant than all its predecessors. This will no doubt allow the backseaters to have more space and comfort. This sensuous sportiness promises to be both sporty and futuristic.

It is safe to say that the price will obviously be high than all its predecessors. The Hyundai Verna of 2006 was launched with a price of around Rs 6 Lakh ex-showroom. The outgoing model has a starting price of about Rs 9 lakh that goes up to Rs 15 lakh ex-showroom. It would be interesting to see what will be the price of this new generation sedan that everyone is looking forward to.

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