Hyundai Verna 2023 Launched: From Design, Features To Price; Here Is Everything You Need To Know

New Hyundai Verna Launched

One of the most significant releases from the South Korean automaker this year is the Hyundai Verna 2023. It features numerous noteworthy exterior and interior design modifications. In addition, a variety of novel and cutting-edge technological features have also been added to it. Here is everything you need to know about the brand-new Hyundai Verna 2023, from Design to Features.


Hyundai Verna 2023 Design And Dimensions

Hyundai Verna Futuristic Launched

The new design language of the Hyundai Verna is its standout feature. It also draws design cues from the Elantra, which features a complete LED light bar on the nose that divides the bumper and bonnet. In addition, the new-gen Verna’s side silhouette appears attractive in the design drawings that were made public. Larger dual-tone alloy rims are also added.

Hyundai Verna Back

It has a clean construction and connects to the tail lights at the back. The Hyundai Verna will be 4,535 millimeters long in its next-generation form. The Hyundai Verna 2023 will also be the segment’s widest vehicle at 1,765 millimeters. It has a 1,475 mm height as standard. In addition, the 528-liter trunk volume and 2,670-mm wheelbase are the finest in their respective classes.


Features And Colour Options Of Hyundai Verna 2023

Hyundai Verna Dual Tone Red

A contemporary dual-display influenced by Mercedes-Benz is installed on the dashboard of the Hyundai Verna. A single glass panel with two 10.25-inch touchscreens is also present. There is also a high-set center console, an incorporated AC vent, and a two-spoke steering wheel. Additionally, it has a wireless phone charger, a BlueLink-connected vehicle system, and automatic climate control. The Hyundai Verna 2023 also features an electric sunroof, ambient lighting, and an 8-speaker Bose audio system.

Hyundai Verna Interiors New Launched

It will probably have ADAS Level-2 technology. The Hyundai Verna of 2023 has undergone an innovative makeover. It is one of the most attractive cars in India thanks to all of these characteristics. The Hyundai Verna will also receive a ton of new color choices for 2023. There will be two dual-tone choices and seven single-tone options. Along with Black and Red on the higher variants, Black and Beige will be available as interior color choices.


Hyundai Verna 2023 Safety And Mileage

Hyundai Verna Airbags

Over 65 overall safety measures, including 30 standard ones, are included in the Hyundai Verna 2023. Level 2 advanced driver assistance technologies are provided. It also has other features like a Safe exit alert, adaptive cruise control, and autonomous emergency braking. There are also six airbags, ABS with EBD, VSM, traction control, and other safety elements.

Hyundai Verna LED Exterior Launched

Fuel economy ratings for the 1.5-liter MPi petrol engine range from 18.60 KMPL MT to 19.60 KMPL IVT. Additionally, the new 1.5-liter turbo-GDI petrol motor offers 20 KMPL MT and 20.60 KMPL DCT mileage.


Pricing And Engine Details

Hyundai Verna Price

The new-generation Hyundai Verna’s introductory price ranges from Rs 10.89 lakh to Rs 17.38 lakh ex-showroom. Hyundai Verna 2023 will also receive a 1.5-liter NA petrol motor with 115 PS. Both a 6-speed MT and an optional IVT are available for it. The vehicle also receives a brand-new 1.5-liter turbocharged gasoline motor with 160 PS and an optional 7-speed DCT. The car can accelerate from 0 to 100 kph in just 8.2 seconds, thanks to this.


The Variants

Hyundai Verna Futuristic Launched

There are four trims available for the 2023 Hyundai Verna: EX, S, SX, and SX.(O). You can choose between the 6-speed MT and IVT automatic versions of the 1.5-liter MPi petrol motor. On the other hand, a 1.5-liter Turbo GDi petrol engine with 6-speed manual transmission and 7-speed DCT automatic options is also a possibility. The new Verna has a total of 14 variants, depending on the trim, powertrain, and color combos.

It includes Verna 1.5 MPi MT EX, Verna 1.5 MPi MT S, Verna 1.5 MPi MT SX, Verna 1.5 MPi MT SX(O), Verna 1.5 MPi iVT SX, and Verna 1.5 MPi iVT SX(O). It also includes Verna 1.5 Turbo GDi MT SX, Verna 1.5 Turbo GDi MT SX Dual Tone, Verna 1.5 Turbo GDi MT SX(O), and Verna 1.5 Turbo GDi MT SX(O) Dual Tone. Further variants include Verna 1.5 Turbo GDi DCT SX, Verna 1.5 Turbo GDi DCT SX Dual Tone, Verna 1.5 Turbo GDi DCT SX(O), and Verna 1.5 Turbo GDi DCT SX(O) Dual Tone.


More About It

Hyundai Verna Side Look

The Hyundai Verna 2023  comes with 6 main elements in mind. Futuristic design, unwavering safety, impeccable technology, luxurious interior, unrivaled performance, and total peace of mind are all features of this vehicle. Furthermore, Hyundai asserts that it already has over 8,000 reservations for the sedan. The manufacturer also disclosed that 41% of all 2022 buyers of the Hyundai Verna were under the age of 30. Furthermore, the firm has already sold more than 4.65 lakh units of vehicles in India.

Hyundai Verna

The 2023 Hyundai Verna is already out by Hyundai Motor India. On March 21, the sixth generation of this mid-size sedan was having its launch in the nation. Bookings are now available, and you can secure one for yourself by paying a token fee of Rs 25,000 at Hyundai dealerships or on the company’s official website.

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