How Did LaJoya McCoy Die And Where Was Her Body Found?

Lajoya McCoy

In June 2015, the death of LaJoya McCoy, a shop owner and lone mother of two, was discovered. She was found inside her parked automobile one mile from Monrovia, California, residence. LaJoya had been missing for almost a week. She had been repeatedly stabbed before being rope-strung to death.


Who Was LaJoya? How Did She Go Missing?

LaJoya McCoy Die

LaJoya McCoy, a Pasadena, California native, was 31 years old and had a good life. She ran Joya Boutique in Monterey Park while working full-time as an auditor for the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health. She was also a single mother of two children. Yes, she was frequently busy, but she always found time for her children, relatives, and friends and never missed an appointment. As a result, they became concerned as June 15, 2015, approached, and they had not heard from her for several days. When people attempted to contact LaJoya at work, her coworkers revealed that she hadn’t arrived and had skipped several crucial meetings. She had been last heard from on the evening of June 9. The local authorities were consequently informed.


MPD’S Search


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To check on LaJoya’s well-being that day, the Monrovia Police Department (MPD) was dispatched to the 800 block of West Olive Avenue. However, when they found her home and noticed suspicious activity, they quickly contacted her to get a search warrant for the building. They further requested the help of the Sheriff’s Homicide Bureau. The following day, on June 16, they conducted a grid search and located her car in the 200 block of West Cypress Avenue. It was approximately a mile from her apartment. Inside, they found her corpse covered in a blanket and a kid’s car seat. On June 10, 2015, she was stabbed numerous times and strangled to death with a rope, according to the autopsy report.


Who Killed LaJoya?

The father of LaJoya’s two children and her ex-boyfriend, 45-year-old Jose Roberto Turner, was detained in connection with the case on August 27, 2015, more than a month after LaJoya passed away. Their kids had joined him by this time. The couple had been separated just two years before the murder, which Jose was unhappy about. They had been together for roughly ten years. After discovering LaJoya’s remains, her friends and relatives openly admitted that she had recently been concerned about her well-being. Certain unusual occurrences had been happening to her. They claimed that her tires had been slashed and that she frequently felt like someone had been inside when she returned home, particularly since some documents had vanished.

They had all initially assumed that LaJoya was losing things because she was overextending herself with all of her commitments. But looking back, that was not the case. She knew she was in trouble but had no idea how bad. After that, the detectives started checking into her home and possessions, where they found evidence of her ex-boyfriend’s lurking presence. Witnesses claim Jose showed possessive tendencies and stalker-like behavior when LaJoya was with other men. He had even written about wanting to kill her and how to do it in his journal. Jose’s actions were his demise.


Guilty As Charged

Jose refused to assist in any way, shape, or form while LaJoya’s family and the detectives searched for her and tried to solve her case. This revealed his sense of guilt. He was therefore detained and charged with first-degree murder. Forensic evidence from the crime site and under LaJoya’s fingernails produced a DNA profile that unmistakably matched his. This linked him directly to her death.

 Additionally, another ex publicly accused him of being a monster after finding a bloodied letter in her car. The letter appeared to indicate he was harassing/stalking her. He had everything that had gone missing from LaJoya’s house. Jose was detained without bond while his case was pending in court. On June 19, 2017, he was found guilty of the crime against him following a quick trial.

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