Hottest Criminals, That Went Viral On Social Media, Some Of Them Became Stars After That

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Whenever, we hear the word criminal, a dreadful image forms inside our brain. Generally, the looks don’t define the criminal but it is the criminal mentality. However, there are still many criminals who went viral because of their looks. Today we have brought you some of the hottest criminals that captured a lot of attention on the internet.


1. Meagan Lindsay

Hottest Criminals

In 2013, Meagan was arrested for assaulting a female with the pointed heel of her footwear. In her trial she said, she was just defending herself.


2. Sarah Seawright

Hottest Criminals

Sarah Seawright from Little Rock, Arkansas was arrested for committing a series of crimes. After getting her mug shot viral, she was nicknamed as prison bae. Now she has thousands of followers on Twitter.


3. Stephanie Beaudoin

Hottest Criminals

The Canadian girl had committed a lot of crimes. However, most of them were of burglary. Stephanie Beaudoin was announced as one of the hottest criminals back when her photo went viral on social media.

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