Amitabh Bachchan Is Trolling Twitter Again – Here’s Why

Amitabh Bachchan Trolls Twittervia

It was a rather well-known news, that, back in February of 2018, The New York Times reported that several Twitter users buy massive followers to up their follower count. As a result, there are numerous bot accounts following celebrities on the platform. Twitter decided to do a clean sweep of the site in order to delete all these bots as a response to the report.


Here’s The List Of Events

In light of this, several celebrities, including our beloved Big B has lost quite the number of followers. Bachchan lost approximately 60,000 twitter followers and even though the rest of the stardom treated in lightly, he seems to have troubles accepting this!

Apparently, for Big B, a big follower count seems like a huge deal. Perhaps it looks odd, even silly. But it is still interesting and definitely entertaining nonetheless! Back in February, with the slamming of many,

“hamare numbers badha do”

and still no response, Bachchan decides to do it yet again.

His recent tweet states,

“T 2795 – Arre yaar Twitter ji .. yaar ab toh hamare numbers badha do .. kab se itna kuch dal rahe hain .. kuch aur karna ho, number badhane ke liye to bolo… TJKBM !!!”

Although nothing looks out-of-the-ordinary here, the singular abbreviation ‘TJKBM’ definitely stands out! After several twitter guesses, we’ve seen that users’ answers ranged from ‘Twitter Ji Ki Badi Mahima’ to ‘Twitter Jaldi Karodpati Bana Mujhe’!

Perhaps it might be right to consider that his Twitter is managed by social media experts. Which explains his weird twitter follower count and tweets. But still, however, we’ve seen tweets such as the ones sent to Anushka Sharma for her birthday and her lack of response for the same. It is quite a mystery as to who is clearly handling Amitabh Bachchan’s Twitter. But we sure do know that he is definitely not okay with the platform wiping out a good chunk of his followers! Recently he faced issues with Vodafone as well. And he hilariously took it to twitter. Check out the story here.

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