These Are The Most Heavily Guarded Homes In The World

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We all protect and guard our homes. But there are some in the world who go beyond protection to secure their houses with all the technology possible. Because being famous and rich also comes with a price. People try to enter without authorized access and interrupt your privacy. So, to safeguard themselves from all these things, these are some well guarded homes where you cannot enter without permission. Also, if you try to break in you could face some severe consequences like being stranded there forever or even death! Yes, such is the protection of these homes. So, check out these 7 most heavily guarded homes in the world.


1. Ryongsong Residence

Kim Jong Un's residence

You needn’t require a lot of security when you’re already the in-charge of the most feared country in the world.  But Kim Jong Un has done everything to make his home, Ryonsong Residence, the most secure place on the earth. Ryonsong Residence lies in the Northern region of North Korea. It has an electric fence and a mine fields around the borders in addition with the armed forces. Also, the walls are guarded with iron rods with lead covered concrete which can withstand a nuclear blast. It is connected to other royal residences such as Chanyoung House or Residence number 26 through secret underground tunnels in case of an escape. Moreover, even if the intruder passes the gates and guards he is to face some chemical substances in the air released when the alarm goes off.


2. Fair Field Estate

Ira Rennert's property

IRA Rennert, a billionaire, owns the Fair Field Estate. It is a 21 bedroom estate where the richest in the world hang out for a vacation. Located in the US, the estate has around $500 million worth paintings and thus is one of the most secure and guarded homes in the world. It has an high tech gate which lets only invited guests enter. Several hundred security cameras and bulletproof windows also guard the estate.


3. The Zombie Bunker

The Zombie Bunker in London

Yes, there is a zombie proof house located in London in case the zombies decide to take over. The windows are covered with tough concrete sheets and the only way in and out is a drawbridge system. The entire house is build with solid concrete and has movable walls.


4. Bill Gates’ House

Bill Gates House

Known as one of the most expensive homes, Bill Gates’ home is situated in between a groove of trees and plants which gives it privacy from the paparazzi. Along with cameras and heat detectors, the visitors have to wear a special pin which enables them to control the heating and electric equipment in the home.


5. The White House

White House in USA

You expected this on the list, right?  Barack Obama was the most heavily guarded president in the world and hence the White House had every security measure you can think of. Security agencies guard it 24*7  and it even has an restricted air space so that no helicopter or plane can come so close. The iron fence surrounding it has a power to hold an inside or outside impact by any car. Food scanning, bullet proof windows, radars and infrared sensors are some added security measures.


6. The Corbi Family Residence

Corbi Family Residence in California

Located in the Hollywood hills of California, the Corbi Family Residence are known for their expensive security. Bio metric recognition software guards the residents of the house. The Corbies’ residence is build up to 30 feet below grounds of concrete. The housemates can live up to 6 months underground as they have enough supply of food. They can directly call the cops in case of any trouble with just few buttons.


7. Buckingham Palace

most guarded homes

Known as one of the most secure location of the world and also a popular tourist spot, Buckingham Palace in London has a very tight security. The guards follow a ring around system where each guard rings another and secures the palace. The police closes the roads after the visiting hours and guards the no go area to make sure everything goes smoothly.

So, these were some of the most well guarded homes in the world. If you want to know more about the events happening around the world, check out these countries which provide the maximum holidays!