Hasin Jahan Shared The Call Recording Of Mohammed Shami

The Call Recording Can Set Shami On The Back Foot

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Mohammed Shami was enjoying his life until his wife; Hasin Jahan shared some of the screenshots that changed the flow of his life. She accused him of extra-marital affairs, domestic violence, and even the match-fixing. However, Mohammed Shami denied such allegations and added that he is the victim as someone is trying to defame him.


Hasin Jahan Shared The Recordings

Hasin Jahan

During an interview, Hasin Jahan shared her phone recording. She recorded the call that she had with Mohammed Shami. Here is the conversation that she had with her husband in the recording.


The Conversation Between Hasin And Shami

Hasin Jahan

Hasin:-  “Shami please don’t lie. When will you tell the truth? You don’t care about me, our daughter, our families, you don’t about anyone. You might care about that Pakistani girl so I urge you to tell the truth in Alishba’s name. Are these chats yours?”

Shami:- “No”

Hasin:- “When you said you didn’t have a Dubai visa and you can’t leave the hotel room then how did you get one? Why did you lie to me? It’s clear you are lying to me,”

Shami:- “I had a visa,”

Hasin:- “You texted Alishba giving her the room details in the same hotel in Dubai. Was this also done by Mohammed bhai? When Alishba was waiting at belt no. 7 (at the airport) she knew your landing and takeoff time. Was this all being done by Mohammed Bhai?,”

Shami:- “Mohammed Bhai had sent me money through Alishba so I had to take the money from her”

Hasin:- “You have only indulged in dirty chatting with her, Shami. You never mentioned receiving money.”

Hasin:- “But when I asked you about Alishba last night you said, “where did Alishba come from?”

Hasin:- “First you did all the drama with Alisha and then you said where did Alishba come from? You had sex with Alishba!”

Shami:- “Listen don’t talk about sex”.


Shami Explained

Hasin Jahan

During a press conference, Shami talked about his wife and said, “She has lost her mental stability. She has to prove all the allegations made against me. If I have tortured her then she needs to prove it.” He also denied the allegation of the match-fixing and said, “As far as the allegation of compromising my performance while playing for the country is concerned, I would rather die than do something like this.”

Hasin Jahan has already lodged an FIR again Shami and his 4 other family members. The matter is not clear yet but one thing for sure, this leaked phone conversation can set Mohammed Shami on the back foot. What do you say? Give us your thoughts on this.

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