These Simple Measures Could Prevent You From Getting Hacked




These days everything is getting computerized. The more it does, the more vulnerable it gets. Even thousands of programmers and security experts try to find bugs and patch them up every single day, every single minute, not every vulnerability get patched up. Some hacker may find a way to exploit it and get access to your data or some of your accounts.

Your data maybe your study materials, passwords, or even your banking credentials.

Obviously “security is an illusion”. But, it is worth trying to protect it, instead of opening all the doors to welcome the thief.

Here are some steps or measures you could take to protect yourself from hackers.



1. Update Your Softwares


Yeah, that’s serious. You should allow your softwares to download and install the updates. That’s because every software has a team patching up vulnerabilities and updating them to protect you. You simply ignore them.

We’ve also seen many updates with no changes to our eyes. And we were like “WHAT?! I JUST SPENT A HUNDRED MB TO UPDATE AND SEE NOTHING?!”

Technically, it’s not nothing. They fixed some vulnerabilities which could’ve been used by some evil minded hacker to compromise your computer.


2. Uninstall Internet Explorer


Internet Explorer is no longer supported by Microsoft and they have adopted to Edge. it has lots and lots of vulnerabilities which are not gonna be fixed by anyone. So, it is very easy to exploit those.

For some unknown reasons, if you have IE on your PC, uninstall it right now.


3. Buy an Antivirus Software


Investing in an anti-virus software is 100% worth it. I know what you’re trying to say smarty pants; you’re gonna use a pirated version.

First of all, it’s illegal. Next, you actually download the antiviruses which were pirated by hackers, in the motive of getting access to your computer(technically, you provide them the access). Of course, there are some people who pirated softwares, not for malicious purposes.  But you can’t find that one unsung hero over the internet. One another benefit of buying an antivirus software is, they update their virus database, while you can’t update pirated ones. So, just go for it.


4. Do Not click on Random ads!


I’m serious. Do not do that. You just open a gateway for some hacker in the most dumbest way possible. Try to learn to differentiate between legitimate ads and malicious ones (most of them are flashy)

DO NOT do that.


5. Cover your webcam with something

Hacked markRef:

Yes, you heard that right. We could try our best in protecting us. But, sometimes we can’t. Even Paypal, Sony’s PSN gets hacked.

Even Mark Zuckerberg does this.

Though thousands of programmers try their best, some vulnerabilities go unnoticed.

If some hacker gets into your computer, it’s very easy to make your webcam take pics of you and send them, or even send a live stream of what you’re doing. If you happen to be a girl(hi!), you don’t want to be like those celebs who got their private pics leaked.

So, better, cover it!

There you are. Try these simple measures and protect your computer from being hacked

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