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India is fairly new to the scene of online betting, however, it has already become huge in India. One of the most popular sports to bet on in India is undoubtedly cricket, which should not come as a surprise since it is also the national sport in India. However, if you are new to the whole betting scene, it can seem very hard and confusing to start betting. That is why websites like indiabetting.co.in have made very good guides that will give all the information about the best sites and the best bets. You can also read all about the best bets to place on cricket if you are a newcomer to betting. However, even if you are an advanced cricket better, there will probably be some bets that you have not tried yet.


Simple Cricket Bets

Cricket Betting Odds

If you are new to betting on cricket, it would probably be a good idea to start with some of the simple bets. However, just because they are simple does not mean that they are not good. Most of these bets are actually very popular bets also with more advanced players. The simplest and most popular bet is the “match bet”. It is simple because it only has three outcomes, you can either bet on the home team winning, the away team winning, or that the match will end with a tie. Another very simple bet is the “completed match” bet. Here you bet on whether or not the game will be completed. There are therefore also only two outcomes, which makes it very simple. You will mostly only place this bet if you know that bad weather is coming which could disrupt the match.


Advanced Cricket Bets

Best Cricket Betting Odds

There are also more advanced bets that you can place on cricket. These will usually be much more specific, and they, therefore, require a better knowledge of the game. They are also usually harder because there are a lot more outcomes you can bet on. One of the more advanced bets is “the man of the match”, where you bet on which player gets announced as the player of the match.

This is hard because there are so many outcomes you can bet on, since you essentially can bet on all players of both teams, and you can never know what is going to happen during the match. Another bet which you can place on cricket is the “win toss”. This is not tied to the performance of any of the teams, so it is ideal if you do not know that much about cricket. However, that also makes it impossible to determine by knowledge, since it is pure chance.

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