GTA 6 (Grand Theft Auto VI) Trailer Launched: Release Date, Characters, And Everything To Know

Grand Theft Auto VI GTA 6 Trailer

After an agonizing 3,156 days since Grand Theft Auto 5’s PC debut, the highly anticipated Grand Theft Auto 6 (GTA 6) trailer emerged a day ahead of schedule following a premature leak. The trailer, reminiscent of the GTA 5 preview, serves as an atmospheric teaser, heavy on vibes but light on concrete game details. What stands out, however, is the introduction of two protagonists, Lucia and, as leaked information suggests, Jason—a criminal pair inspired by “Bonnie & Clyde.” While their playability remains unconfirmed, both characters share the spotlight prominently, sparking intrigue among fans.


GTA 6 Trailer

Grand Theft Auto 6

Sections of the video adopt the style of Instagram and TikTok-style social media posts, potentially introducing innovative gameplay twists depending on the integration of a social mechanic into the game. The trailer boasts a plethora of elements characteristic of the Grand Theft Auto series—luxurious cars, scantily-clad women, glitz, grime, and a cocktail of bad behavior, affirming its identity as an authentic GTA trailer.

Grand Theft Auto VI Trailer

Adding a delightful touch to the trailer is the choice of background music: “Love is a Long Road,” a track from Tom Petty’s 1989 album “Full Moon Fever.” The nod to this Rock and Roll Hall of Famer, particularly his Florida roots, complements the visual experience.


GTA 6 Trailer Review

Grand Theft Auto VI

Accompanying the trailer is a significant piece of information—the release target. Grand Theft Auto 6 is slated to hit gaming platforms in 2025. However, a lingering question remains unanswered: will the PC version accompany the console releases, or will PC gamers face a familiar waiting game? Historically, Rockstar has often released titles on consoles first before extending them to PC.

Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick has recently hinted at an enhanced focus on the PC platform during the company’s earnings call. Expressing admiration for the GTA modding scene, Zelnick emphasized a desire to align with consumer preferences. This signals a potential shift in Rockstar’s strategy towards prioritizing PC, a departure from historical release patterns.

Curiously, the GTA 6 announcement fails to mention the PC version explicitly. The official statement only confirms the game’s arrival on “PlayStation 5 computer entertainment systems and Xbox Series X-S games and entertainment systems in 2025.” While this doesn’t rule out a simultaneous PC release, the absence of a direct reference to the platform raises eyebrows and leaves PC gamers eagerly awaiting further updates.

As gaming enthusiasts dissect every frame of the GTA 6 trailer, the excitement reaches a crescendo. The promise of a 2025 release, coupled with potential innovations in gameplay, positions GTA 6 as a frontrunner in shaping the future of gaming. Rockstar Games has once again ignited the spark of anticipation, inviting players into a world where crime, luxury, and chaos converge in a digital masterpiece.

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