Grade 10 Indore Girl Commits Suicide Over Harassment By Neighbor – Shocking Details


On Thursday, a 17-year-old Indore girl hung herself, Madhya Pradesh over harassment and blackmail. Furthermore, The girl was just studying class 10. Police have retrieved her suicide note which states shocking evidence of a man in the neighborhood that stalked, sexually harassed and blackmailed her.


The Suicide Note

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The details of her suicide note are as follows. The Indore girl wrote,

“Father I am sorry. It is not my fault. He was harassing and blackmailing me. My photo was put on Facebook which has ruined my image. He also made me write two letters in your name. Whenever I go to school, he harasses me and forcibly tries to talk to me. I am fed up with everything. I do not want your image to get tarnished in any way. People are blaming me for all this. Sorry, forgive me, father, I thought that if I am not there, then all this will end.”


In addition, the girl’s younger brother had informed the police earlier about the same man. The family got to know that the man had uploaded the girl’s pictures on Facebook and other social media platforms, this Tuesday. Social Media’s are being used as a tool for harassment and baiting by several predators Here’s another one such incident. Supposedly, the accused refused to delete these photographs even after the brother’s confrontation and request.


Delayed Police Response

Indore Girl Suicide Due To Harassment By Neighbor

Furthermore, the family claims that the police were unresponsive for over 50 hours. Although the police went to the accused’s house, no arrest was made, the family said. When the family went to the station again on Wednesday, the police refused to file a complaint stating lame reasons such as there was no lady constable to look into the matter.


Facebook Friend

Over this, on the night of Thursday, there was a supposed dispute in the Indore girl’s house over this issue. It is after this that the girl committed suicide. Deputy Inspector General of Indore, Harinarayanchari Mishra said, “I have suspended a head constable and a sub-inspector of Dwarkapuri police station for the delay in (taking) action (against the complaint).”


Furthermore, In regards to abetment to suicide, the brother and the father were taken into custody on Thursday night. Women and girls are being harassed and put through so many struggles. We should look out for each other and stop men with such mentalities at all costs. What do you think about this incident? Let us know in the comments below.

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