This Is How Google Responds To The Word, “Suicide”


Google is known for serving us everything on platter. But, how about some deadly thoughts? What if someone wants to end his/her life and wants some tips from the search engine. In that case, it seems not less than a threat. But, “the Google” is too smart for that. Type words like “suicide” or “kill >myself”, “ways to commit suicide” or “how to commit suicide without pain” and many things including this word and you will be surprised to know the way it reacts.


The number shown is an organization named, AASRA and means shelter. It is based in Mumbai which helps in suicide-prevention. The number displayed is 24/7 available helpline number which will be there for you when you come up with those life ending thoughts.

The World Health Organisation(WHO) data shows that every 40 seconds, a person dies by committing suicide. Shockingly, these suicide estimates suggest fatalities worldwide could rise to 1.5 million by 2020, according to Aasra-

“Suicide is fast approaching epidemic, which causes almost half of all violent deaths as well as economic costs that run into the billions”

Also, a study by National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro Sciences mentions that 36% population that work in the tech industry in Bengaluru have signs of psychiatric disorder. Also, 30% of them are narcotics.

Adding to this, Assocham (The Associated Chambers of Commerce of India) says that, 66% CEOs from India can be called as “stressed out” and 11% of them find too much work to handle.


Resultantly, more suicidal thoughts may arise and Google search plays an inevitable role in our lives today. The global giant’s initiative to interconnect people who are willing to undergo this pathway may be strategically planned which can turn out to be supportive for them.

On this, Mr. Thomas who is director of this charitable organization says,

“When people know there is help at hand, there is someone they can talk to, it stops them from going ahead with something as extreme as suicide”.

He also added that they were contacted by Google itself 5 years back and no money was charged for the listing.

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