Google Pixel 8 Series Price Comparison In India, US, Japan, Australia, And Singapore; Find Where You Can Get Cheapest

Google Pixel 8 Series Price

Google launched the highly anticipated Pixel 8 smartphone series, introducing several cutting-edge improvements. Moreover, these include a core processor update that is supported by a variety of AI-driven features. Continue reading further to learn more.


Google Pixel 8 Series: Prices

The starting pricing for the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro are $100 more than those of their equivalent models from the prior year. Here, we further contrast the cost of the most recent lineup in various nations:

Country Pixel 8 (converted to INR) Pixel 8 Pro (converted to INR)
India 75,999 1,06,999
US  58,100 83,200
Japan 63,200 89,600
Australia 63,300 89,800
UK 70,600 81,700
Singapore 66,700 94,000


Pixel 8 Features

The Tensor G3 mobile processor from Google improves AI and machine learning capabilities for improved data processing on-device and in the cloud.

2. AI-powered Photography: The new Pixel phones reportedly take better pictures thanks to AI-powered photography.

3. Web page summarization: The most recent Pixel phones include the ability to summarize web pages, facilitating users’ effective content consumption.

4. Blocking Spam Calls: Spam calls are stopped by AI

5. Thermometer App: The higher-end Pixel 8 Pro comes with a thermometer app that, pending FDA approval, can assess body temperature.

6. AI-driven assistant: Google’s Pixel phones are testing an AI-driven assistant with features similar to Bard, a ChatGPT-style helper. It can help users with immediate chores like scheduling events, managing emails, or organizing hikes. Like sophisticated chatbots, interaction can occur through spoken word, on-screen prompts, or image recognition.


Google Pixel 8 Series: Specifications

Google Pixel 8 Series Price Comparison

The Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro, both of which provide significant advancements and a wide range of AI-assisted capabilities, were recently shown at Google’s Made by Google 2023 event. One outstanding feature is the assurance of seven years of guaranteed Android upgrades, further establishing a new sector norm. However, despite the remarkable upgrades, the Pixel 8 series has suffered a large price increase, notably in India, which may have an influence on its marketability.

Moreover, In India, the 12GB/128GB variant of the Pixel 8 Pro is offered for 1,06,999 ($1,285). This represents a $264 increase over the Pixel 7 Pro’s debut pricing from a year ago. Although the Pixel 8 Pro offers substantial improvements, particularly in camera technology, users are perplexed by the cost difference between India and other international markets.

The high-end smartphone in this year’s Pixel series, the Pixel 8 Pro, comes in 128GB, 256GB, and 512GB storage options. However, only the 128GB edition is now available on Flipkart, which may indicate that it is the only variant offered in India this year. The cost is Rs. 106999.

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