Are We Being Watched? What Does Google Know About Us? – Shocking News Ahead


We all use Google everyday. From basic searches to Maps and lots of other stuffs. In the same way, we all would be mortified if someone actually gets to know about the things we do in our computers.


Well, I’m gonna tell you something. So brace yourself!


Google has every single piece of information, you have done on the internet through google service.


(The above is a gif of John Cena reacting in a shocked manner. It's okay if you don't see him, We don't see him either) I'm sorry, I just had to.

Just think about it… what if some hacker with out-of-the-world skill level, manages to crack into google servers? Or what if, in few decades google turns evil? (jk google, you know I love you)


Okay, now you wanna know how to access them. Simply go to (Captain here, Press Ctrl + H)


Make sure you’re logged into your account.


You’ll taken into a page where your Web activity will be displayed.

Turn the time from ‘today’ to ‘all time’. There you go.

web activityRef:

This activity list shows everything that Google knows about you.

You can find your youtube searches, list of watched videos, googled stuffs etc.., Amhm, if you use Google Now services, then even your voice searches are recorded, so that it can recognize your voice more efficiently, every time.



Google also knows all the places you’ve travelled, with your ‘location’ services turned on.


Okay, What shall we do now? Don’t panic. We can delete all our web activity, edit what are the things that google can monitor.


There’s an option to delete these. You select it, then select the time from which the activity should be deleted(‘all time’, of course). Hit enter. You’re clear now.


Though we have the freedom to modify these records, there still exists some kind of uneasiness, when you realize that you are being monitored by someone, all the time!


But seriously though, what if google turns evil?

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