Goa Minister Wants To Make State Expensive So That Only Foreigners Can Visit It

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I bet you will get angry after reading this Goa minister decision on Goa state tourism. He wants to make the state so expensive for Indians so that only foreigners can visit.

Yes! He really said it.


Goa, the fun and party capital of India is one of the most sought-after tourist destinations. Every college going guy make plans for a Goa trip. Be it just a solo trip or with family or with friends, the beautiful state is our getaway paradise.

However, Vijai Sardesai, the state minister for agriculture and town and country planning has different plans on it. He wants only rich visitors who can spend well and not domestic tourists. He actually wants to discourage  domestic tourists who come in buses and do not contribute to the state’s economy..


He said, “Goa should become so expensive that tourists should say that it is not worth coming to Goa. Which tourists … the Indian tourists. We must have high end facilities and get high end tourism, which benefits the sons of the soil. Why do we need these common tourists? It is not only about quantity, but also about quality of tourists coming to Goa. They say that today 64 lakh tourists come and we will take it to 1 crore. You don’t need them. Reduce the numbers and instead bring the high spenders in”.

According to Goa’s tourist’s statistics, local Indian tourists constitute only 11% of the arrivals while International Tourists contribute up to four times more than the domestic tourists.  And so, this Goa minister wants to block Indian tourists from coming to Goa by making the charges highly expensive.


It is shame on this kind of people for degrading our own people. They live in India, they get freedom and all benefits in India, they eat the food that is grown on Indian soil and yet they hate fellow Indians and discourage them.

What should we do with this kind of people?

Goa is everyone’s favorite holiday destination in the country and making these remarks clearly says, being an Indian how much importance he gives to fellow Indians.

Isn’t this unfair decision and extremely bizarre? May be he forgot that people don’t vote next time if he implements this decision!

He disrespected Indians and indirectly made a sarcastic comment that Indians are poor. Isn’t it? What is your reaction to this idiotic and stupid decision of Goa minister? Share us in the comments.  If you are an adventurous lover, then you should not miss these places.

Pavani Bharathula
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