Ghaziabad Bus Accident: School Bus In Wrong Lane Collides With SUV, Recorded In CCTV Footage

Horrific Collision on Expressway Shakes Uttar Pradesh, Leaving Six Dead

Ghaziabad Bus Accident Delhi Meerut Expressway

In a heart-wrenching incident on the Delhi-Meerut Expressway near Rahul Vihar. A school bus traveling in the wrong direction collided head-on with an SUV early this morning, resulting in a devastating loss of life. The bus accident claimed the lives of six individuals, including two children, and left two others critically injured.


Driver Arrested As Bus Travels 9 Km On Wrong Lane

Ghaziabad School Bus Accident

The driver of the school bus held responsible for the tragic bus accident, has been apprehended by the authorities. Shockingly, the bus had been driving for approximately nine kilometers in the wrong lane of the expressway before colliding with the SUV. Eyewitnesses, including a traffic cop stationed at the site, confirmed the driver’s negligence. Here is the CCTV Footage

CM Yogi Adityanath Expresses Grief And Urges Proper Treatment

Ghaziabad Bus Accident

Tragically, all six fatalities were occupants of the SUV, which was en route to Gurgaon. The force of the collision was so intense that emergency responders had to cut open the car’s doors to retrieve the bodies. The injured individuals have been admitted to a nearby hospital for urgent medical attention. The Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, Yogi Adityanath, expressed profound sorrow over the accident and directed officials to ensure the injured receive appropriate and timely medical care. Therefore, the government is taking the matter seriously, as stringent sections of the law are being invoked against the arrested bus driver in the FIR.


Calls For Road Safety Awareness

Ghaziabad School Bus Accident Footage

This tragic incident serves as a stark reminder of the importance of road safety. Thus the need for heightened vigilance on our highways. Therefore it is essential for drivers to adhere to traffic rules and regulations diligently, as even a momentary lapse in judgment can result in devastating consequences.

In conclusion, the collision between a school bus and an SUV on the Delhi-Meerut Expressway. So it has left a community grieving and in shock. As the authorities investigate the incident, our hearts go out to the victims’ families who have suffered unimaginable losses. Let us all join hands in promoting road safety. Therefore, ensure such tragedies are prevented in the future.

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