Ganesh Visarjan: Amusement Or Harmfulness? It’s Time To Think

Ganesh Visarjan

We see Ganesha idols in every street during Ganesh Chaturthi almost in every part of India. It’s indeed one of the festivals in India which unites entire country where each individual mingles with others irrespective of caste and creed and celebrates the festival for 9 days. At the end of the festival, as part of the ritual, Ganesh idol will be taken to procession and immersed in water by large group of people.

That unforgettable moment


It gives an everlasting amusement to every person in India to watch the procession of God especially during Ganesh chaturdi festival.



But wait… Have you ever thought what happens after Ganesh Visarjan?

The immersion of Ganesh idols leads to water pollution due to the usage of toxic chemical paints. In ancient days, paints were made from natural colors that are found in vegetables, fruits etc. But these days the paints are produced by industries through chemical process and that is used to paint Ganesh idols.


As a result, this is what the condition of water after immersion.


Idols won’t dissolve



The parts of Ganesha  idol scattered




No words to describe this!!


Aren’t we inviting skin allergies by taking dip in this polluted water apart from killing and destroying aquatic life? Why don’t we go for Eco-Friendly Ganesh Idols?


Isn’t this safe?


Aren’t we responsible for water pollution? Are we preserving the cleanliness in environment which was given by our ancestors? What are we teaching to the new coming up generation?

Did you use toxic chemical painted Ganesh idol or eco-friendly idol? if not, it’s time to think and next time

GO GREEN and save our environment.

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