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These Things Will Make You Master In Flirting And Will Surely Work


Many men face problems while flirting and universally it is accepted flirting is not that easy. Whereas on the other hand, some men have an enticing character because of which, one can simply sweep women off their feet, for some the struggle is much higher. But it completely depends on the woman in question. Get to know about the do’s and don’ts which would be helpful, so that one can stay away from the pivotal sins, at least.


1. Don’t Keep Staring

Maintain eye contact while flirting

While talking with her maintain a good eye contact as it shows you’re confident and not an introspective guy, but don’t go over the edge. If you keep staring at her, chances are, you’ll make her really uncomfortable and you are going to come off as a really creepy dude. We know you like her, but restrain yourself and help her feel comfortable.


2. Don’t Beat Around The Bush, Just Be Straight To The Conversation!

Dont make a mess when flirting

It shouldn’t be that hard unless you’re Jim Morrison. Make sure that you aren’t creating a mess with her by some pick-up lines. Be bold but don’t be rude. There is a major difference between being bold and being rude. Try to express yourself without being too


3. Obviously No Sexist Jokes

Dont make Sexist jokes

If you want to compliment her then make sure that it makes sense else it is not going to help you up. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t insult her in the name of humor. You should always be care what you joke about as the subject you take lightly might be sensitive for her. Try not to hurt any feelings and play safe.


4. Stop Acting Like Someone You’re Really Not

stop acting while flirting

Anyways it going to be very hard to make her believe that you’re a geek while you don’t even know how to handle a basic math problem. Instead, know which lies you are able to pull-off but keep it within limits. If she doesn’t like you for who you are, obviously you have to find someone else who appreciates and accepts for whoever you are.

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