Father Caught Daughter Red-Handed With Her Boyfriend In Bedroom, What Happen Next Will Shock You!

This Is Where Our Generation Is Going


What some people do for love these days is shocking and ghastly. Someone wrote, “Everything is fair in love and war” but is this what you can do. This is a real shame on today’s generation. The incident happened at Noida when a father caught her daughter red-handed with her boyfriend inside the bedroom.


When Father Caught Her Daughter Red-Handed

Noida House

A girl from Sector-27 of Noida who allegedly pushed her father to death in the early hours of the morning. The incident occurred at around 4 AM when Pooja’s father, Vishwanath Sahu, heard noises coming from her room. Upon checking the room, he reportedly found the girl and her 27-year-old lover in a compromising position. With due anger, an argument broke out in the house and with time, it turned into a physical fight. Seeing the physical nature of things, Pooja, in order to defend her lover, allegedly pushed her father, Vishwanath from the third floor of the house. With considerable ruckus, Vishwanath’s wife woke up to the commotion in order to check it out. Upon finding her husband on the floor with injuries, she had immediately rushed him to the district hospital.

Delhi’s Safdarjung hospital Noida Red handed

A severely injured Vishwanath was then, transferred to Safdarjung Hospital in Delhi. Unfortunately, he succumbed to his injuries while undergoing treatment in the hospital. He had sustained serious injuries that had lead to the clotting of blood in the head and has only about 5% survival rate. Vishwanath passed away at around 2:30 PM. The only son of Vishwanath, Sanjay, has expressed much anger and told of his sister’s involvement in the issue.  Sanjay told to a leading newspaper,

“My father was pushed from the balcony of the third floor of the building and he fell into the space between our building and the one right next. My sister and Dharmendra immediately fled the spot.

We suspect her involvement too because even she did not stay back to check my father’s condition.”

Noida Girl Red-Handed

The wife and mother, Gayatri, has filed a complaint against the lover and her daughter with the Sector-20 police station located in Noida. Pooja’s assumed lover, Dharmendra, is said to be on the run. It has come to surface that Dharmendra worked at a factory and was living with his wife and daughter. He is from Atta village of Noida. Police have executed a search to hunt the 27-year old. However, Pooja has been arrested.

Similar kind of incident occurred a few months back when a girl brutally killed a villager for the sake of her love and trapped her father in it. Where our generation is going? Is this what we call a modern thinking? We live in a country where we say parents are God on earth. But these kinds of incidents hurt and shows another face of people in the society. What do you think about this incident?

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