Eye Gaze On Alexa: A New Feature From Amazon That Uses Eyes To Navigate

Alexa Eye Gaze

A new “Eye Gaze on Alexa” function that Amazon unveiled is intended to assist persons with speech and movement impairments. The Fire Max 11 Tablet’s functionality, which was introduced in May of this year, will operate using your eyes. Continue reading to know more.


Amazon Introduces “Eye Gaze On Alexa”

Eye Gaze On Alexa

The eye-tracking feature, created for users who cannot tap or speak, recognizes a user’s presence and follows what they are looking at in real time.

With “Tap to Alexa” and Amazon’s Eye Gaze, users can simply glance at their tablet to carry out pre-programmed tasks like playing music, placing calls, and managing their smart devices. The business asserts that it collaborated with speed-language pathologists to assist people with daily chores, such as basic as turning on lights or corresponding with caregivers.

According to Amazon, Eye Gaze uses cutting-edge computer vision algorithms to interpret real-time data. The colors, icons, and Alexa commands that display as tiles on the tablet’s screen are selected by caregivers. Additionally, they will be able to design tiles that, when selected with the eyes, command Alexa to speak commonly used words or phrases aloud.

Furthermore, The Eye Gaze on Alexa function can be enabled in the Accessibility settings area for Fire Max 11 users. Unfortunately, only users in the United States, the United Kingdom, Japan, and Germany will have access to the feature.


Added Introduction Of The Call Translation Feature

Eye Gaze On Amazon Alexa

At the event, Amazon also unveiled a tool called “Call Translation.” It enables real-time translation of Alexa audio and video chats. Moreover, Non-native speakers of a language can converse more effectively in this fashion. This new feature is additionally useful to those with hearing impairments is this function.

Using the “Call Translation” feature in over 10 languages, including English, German, French, and Spanish, will be possible. Furthermore, it will be available on Echo Show devices and the Alexa mobile app in the US, UK, Canada, Germany, Mexico, France, Spain, and Italy.

During the occasion, Heather Zorn, vice president of Alexa, remarked that “this helps all of our customers communicate more easily, whether they identify as deaf or hard of hearing, or have multilingual families.”

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