These Amazing Human Are So Extraordinary That It Is Hard To Believe – #4 Is Shocking!


6. Heat Resistant Hands

Dipping Hand into hot Oil Extra Ordinary Human

Prem Kumar, from New Delhi, India, regularly shocks people with his high tolerance to heat – the man can fry fish with his bare hands, dipping them into and out of a wok of boiling oil. The 65-year-old runs a street food stall in Karol Bagh, where he serves fried fish to thousands of customers each day. Most of them come just to watch him perform the rare feat of nonchalantly plunging his fingers into the hot oil.


7. World’s Most Shortest Human

Most Shortest Human

72-year-old Chandra Bahadur Dangi of Nepal stands at 21.5 inches tall and hails from the mountain village, Reemkholi, about 250 miles outside Kathmandu. Dangi has never received a checkup from a doctor and had never garnered outside attention until recently when a forest contractor cutting timber in the village met him and informed local media.


8. Most Hairiest Human Being

Most Hairiest Man Human Extra Ordinary

Yu Zhenhuan of China is the hairiest man in the world,… and… and he has a girlfriend! This Guinness Book of Records holder has 96% of his body is covered by hair. Yu Zhenhuan now decides to undergo plastic surgery to shed his excess hair.


9. The World’s Longest Tongue

Longest Tongue World Record

Nick Stoeberl, 26, currently holds the Guinness World Record for world’s longest tongue — a whopping 3.97 inches from tip to closed lip. That honor might be enough for some people, but Stoeberl feels an extraordinary tongue is nothing if it is not used for the betterment of humanity.


10. Human Unicorn

Unicorn Woman Human extraordinary

 ‘Unicorn Woman’ Liang Xiuzhen developed a mole on her head about seven or eight years ago. But matters got out of hand a couple of years ago when a tiny horn-like mass erupted out of the mole. It was quite small up until this February when Liang accidentally broke it. Since then, a new horn has been rapidly growing in its place, now measuring an extraordinary five inches in length.

So there you go. These are some extraordinary human beings which they either consider a boon or a curse. But either way, they have an identity for themselves and have gained much positive recognition across the world. You might even come across them someday.