Check Out This List Of Most Expensive Cities In The World – #3 Is Amazing

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6. Geneva, Switzerland

Geneva, Switzerland

As earlier stated, Switzerland is one of the most sought-after places on the planet. What makes Geneva so expensive is the cost of real estate. There isn’t enough room for everyone and whatever room that is available for rent comes at hefty rates. Other things as part of Geneva’s expensive list is the healthcare, food and beverage and Insurance, are all one of the most expensive in the world.


7. Seoul, South Korea

Seoul, South Korea

Seoul is very expensive to live in. Rents here average more than USD 450 per month for a single bed. The cost of food here too is very high. Other basic costs such as Electricity and Water too are relatively expensive here. Since people in South Korea work twice as much as an average American, it is safe to say that earn enough to meet basic expenses in Seoul which do not come at the cheap.


8. Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen, Denmark

It is one of the most expensive cities in Europe. Salaries here are much higher than the rest of Europe and the wage inequality is at its least here. Hence, everyone in Copenhagen can afford a decent lifestyle which isn’t cheap one bit. Taxes are very high here which makes everything so expensive. Housing is very expensive here and affordable places are very hard to find in Denmark.


9. Tel-Aviv, Israel

Tel-Aviv, Israel

Over the years, Israel has become a very expensive place to live in. The increasing value of the local currency increased taxation, and certain other reasons have made Tel-Aviv a very expensive place to live. Housing too isn’t cheap and the more you move towards the city centre, more expensive it becomes to live. However, with high wages on offer, Tel-Aviv is an interesting place to settle down.


10. Sydney, Australia

Sydney, Australia

Sydney is one of the most sought-after places to live in the world. The high standards of living on offer make it an interesting prospect. However, services like housing, transportation and food and beverage are very expensive in the region as Sydney is one of the topmost tourist destinations in the world. Hence, one must plan out their finances well in order to live in Sydney.

It is interesting to note that top Cities likes London, New York, Tokyo has not made it to the top ten this year due to a variety of reasons. Despite this, it is safe to say that the world is truly becoming an expensive place to live in. While some cities are very cheap for a better living. Yes, you can save money and live a normal life! So check out the list of the cheapest cities in the world here.