Enthraling Upcoming Movies In Next 10 Days



Movies are mood enhancers and some of them can even give a longer imprint on our minds. We have experienced “Deadpool”, “The Suicide Squad” and “The conjuring 2” till now and much more are yet to be experienced. Below is the glimpse of some of the upcoming releases of next ten days.


1. Skiptrace (Sep 2, 2016)  Genre: Comedy, Thriller

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This Hong-Kong-Chinese-American movie featuring Jackie Chan and American co-star Johny Knoxville is an action and comedy genre movie. The movie is already running successfully in China theaters.


2. The light between oceans (Sep 2, 2016) Genre: Thriller, drama

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The movie is based on bestselling novel “The light between oceans,” and depicts a story about a couple called Tom Sherbourne and his wife Isabel adopting a lost child. The drama genre movie will be in theaters by September 2, 2016.


3. Robinson Crusoe (Sep 9, 2016) Genre: Animation

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This animation and adventure movie is a story of a tiny parrot Mark and his friends, living happily on the isolated and remote island of South pacific. Their life is smooth but the tiny parrot faces monotony and wants to pursue something bigger and huge. This beautiful and charming screen show is going to release on September 9, 2016.


4. Sully (Sep 9, 2016) Genre: Biopic

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Now, it’s time for some real-life narrative on screen. The movie is the story of Sully Sullenberger and his partner pilot Jeffrey Zaslow, depicting the incident of US Airways Flight 1549 mishap. The trailer look is quite relatable to the real story and the movie will be shown on September 9, 2016.


5. The Disappointments Room (Sep 9, 2016) Genre: Horror

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The horror genre tale is a psychological thriller, depicting a story of a family who moved to a new house. They face horrifying events caused by their old home and gradually the story unleashes the mystery behind the sudden shocks. The movie will be shown on September 9, 2016.

Seems the coming week will be quite thrilling with most chiller releases, accompanied by two light-hearted screen releases. In our next post, we will unleash the entertainment box of the 2nd half of the month. Hopefully, there will be some twist served in our platters by the month ends. 


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