Durex India Gives An Epic Reply To Swiggy Following A Huge Condom Sale On New Year’s Eve

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Recently, the nationwide excitement for the New Year was evident. Everyone was celebrating New Year’s Eve everywhere. Additionally, pictures of people partying on the streets and in clubs also surfaced on the internet during the New Year’s holiday. However, a few of them also celebrated the new year at home with their families. From cakes to condoms, everything was in demand at Swiggy on New Year’s Eve. Furthermore, since condoms are now accessible at home, there was a huge sale of them on December 31. A tweet from Swiggy for Durex India was in the news at this time. The tweet claimed Swiggy Instamart’s New Year’s Eve delivery of a sizable quantity of condoms.


Durex India Gives An Epic Reply To Swiggy’s Tweet

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Durex India responded to Swiggy’s tweet about the strong demand for condoms at Swiggy Instamart. It happened on the eve of the new year. Additionally, Durex complimented Swiggy for delivering condoms to customers. At least 2757 individuals were having a banging new year, they added. 2757 packs of Durex condoms were already delivered by Swiggy Instamart, according to a tweet from the company. Swiggy continued by advising the customers to place orders for 4212 more condoms to make it “6969.”

Durex said that it was hoped the same individuals ordered coffee together on New Year’s Day. People who had ordered those 2757 condoms were presumably not reading that right now, Swiggy Instamart quickly responded.


Swiggy Reacts To Netizens Comments

Swiggy Delivery

Within minutes, the discussion went viral, with other people responding to it in various ways. Many individuals praised brands for being conscious of their market. However, others made jokes about people who bought condoms for the new year. Here are a few of them.


What Else Did India Order On New Year’s Eve?

Swiggy, a food delivery service, reportedly delivered 3.50 lakh biryani orders on December 31, according to corporate insiders. Furthermore, the app had delivered over 61,000 pizzas across the country by 10:25 p.m. Additionally, Swiggy carried out a Twitter poll.

According to the survey’s findings, Hyderabadi Biryani comes first place with 75.4% of orders. Kolkata Biryani came in second with 10.4%, followed by Lucknow Biryani with 14.2%.

Twitter is widely used by many companies, like Zomato, Swiggy, OnePlus, and Amazon, to advertise their products. They often get what they want once their tweets become popular memes. However, they occasionally attract unwanted attention, and the debate between the firms rarely becomes viral.

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