Make Your Castle Dreams Come True With These Castle Hotels – #4 Is Wow

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6. Roch Castle Hotel

Roch Castle Hotel

This Castle has seen ages. Formerly built in 12th century by Valiant Norman King Adam De Rupe. It was rebuilt again in 1900 by King John Philips. Now the castle has been turned into a six rooms plush hotel with luxurious amenities. Although the castle is ancient, you can find all the modern day types of equipment inside.


7. Aldourie Castle, Scotland

Aldourie Castle, Scotland

This historic castle is made alongside Loch Ness. Formerly a grand manor it was turned into a castle in late 1626. Now this beautiful palace is converted into a Castle Hotel. If you want to get a glimpse of ancient castles with a luxurious touch, this is the place.


8. Castello De Pavone, Italy

Castello di Pavone, Italy

This castle was formerly built as a Romanesque Church, the walls of this church were later turned into a Castle. Its Beautiful Tuscan style is one of a kind although it’s nothing near Tuscany. This 27 room hotel is enough to give you a luxurious experience. The view from the top of this hotel is one of a kind.


9. Château Frontenac, Canada

Château Frontenac, Canada

This beautiful castle stands tall in Quebec City since the 19th century. Built for the Canadian Pacific Railway Company, this castle is now turned into a hotel. This huge castle consists of 800 rooms with over 18 floors. You can see the city skyline from the top.


10. Dalian City Castle, China

Dalian City Castle, China

Designed in a Barbarian style of architecture, the management of this Marriott offers you the best luxury experience.  Built-in northeast China this place consists 292 rooms for its luxury-loving guests. People who seek great architecture and opulence this place is a must visit for all.

Aren’t these hotels mesmerizing? Well, I have already given my heart away. Such beautiful locations! Wow. So are you packing your bags? While these hotels are amazing, we also have got you the list of World’s best hotels. Find out here.