Dayaal Kaur, A Genius 4-Year Old Girl Called Baby Einstein; Joins Mensa Club Of High IQ Kids

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A Baby Einstein of 4 years old is found in the UK. Yes, a 4-year-old Indian-origin girl Dayaal Kaur has achieved an IQ score of 145 on the Mensa test. It is said that the IQ score of a young child is very nearer to the IQ of Albert Einstein.

Anybody knows the IQ of Stephen Hawking and Albert Einstein. It was not calculated, but it is believed that they both had an IQ score of 160. Dayaal is one of the youngest in the UK who gets membership in Mensa for her IQ. The Mensa is a club of the smartest people with an IQ of 98 percent or higher than that.

Dayaal Kaur IQ

Dayaal Kaur’s parents identified her high level of intelligence and always clued about that from a very young age. 39-years old Sarb Singh is her father and he is a health and wellbeing pastoral leader from Birmingham and her mother Ravinder Kaur, 32 is a solicitor.

Dayaal Kaur, who lives with her family in Birmingham, UK, showed remarkable levels of learning and grasping abilities from a very early stage. Her parents claim that Dayaal could tell all 26-letters of the English alphabet while she was just two months after her first birthday.

Dayaal Kaur Mensa

Dayaal parents encouraged her when she expressed her interest to appear for the online Mensa test. She scored 145 and become one of the luckiest to join the group of one percent people of the UK’s entire population of 67 million. That one percent of people are considered as the “very gifted or highly advanced” category, source from PTI.

John Stevenage, British Mensa’s chief executive, said “We are delighted to welcome Dayaal Kaur to Mensa, where she joins a community of about 2,000 junior and teen members,” according to PTI.


What Is Mensa?

Mensa is the oldest and largest high IQ society consists of 134000 members worldwide. It was founded by Australian barrister Roland Berrill and British scientist cum lawyer Dr. Lancelot Ware in England in 1946. The accepted score for membership in the Mensa is 98 percent or higher than that.


How Is IQ Score Calculated?

It might be quite interesting to know how the IQ score is calculated. There are many IQ tests are designed such as Standford-Binet, Cattell, and more. Their accepted scores are varied like 132 for Stanford-Binet and 148 for Cattell. Likely it can be said that it is a test of your analytical, reasoning, observational and inductive skills.

We should appreciate her success and IQ score since all the participants are equally talented and have undergone the same set of tests to prove their skill.

Dayaal a young child has a dream to become an astronaut for now and also to have a stable full of horses, words from the mouth of an innocent and energetic young kid.

For other kids, this lockdown is a pandemic period but for Dayaal Kaur it is different, she identified and proved herself.

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