Amazing And Enchanting Places That Has Crystal Clear Waters

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13. The Maldives


The water here is so clear that you can clearly see the boat’s shadow on the bottom. It is part of the architecture that you can stay in the water villas, some of which even have transparent floors so that you could admire marine life.


14. Jiuzhaigou Valley, Sichuan, China


Jiuzhaigou Valley which is one of the most incredible natural reserves in the world is a popular tourist destination due to its unspoiled nature in the park. Five-Color Pond has the clearest water with versatile underwater life. The place looks different and beautiful each season.


15. Lefkada, Greece


Some of the beaches on Lefkada are strewn with pebbles, others with soft white sand, but they all have one thing in common: cool, turquoise clear waters.


16. Exuma, The Bahamas


Exuma islands are surrounded by clear, blue, Bahamian bathwater. The clarity, color, and temperature of the water are remarkable. When the tide recedes to reveal hidden, white sandbars, you can temporarily claim your own private island.


17. Rio da Prata, Bonito, Brazil


The rivers surrounding the Brazilian municipality of Bonito are vividly transparent due to the high concentration of underground limestone acting as a natural filter. The Rio da Prata is so clear that while snorkeling you can easily spot the shimmering scales of golden Dorados and yellow-finned Piraputangas swimming next to you.


18. Katherine Gorge, Australia


You can perfectly see the clear waters in this Australian red rock cave. The distortion is caused by ripples from the idyllic waterfall in the background – serene!

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