5 Revolutionary Changes That Cricket Will Probably Face In 10 Years

Cricket Evolution



Cricket is not just a game but a feeling for its followers. And, in previous 10 years, this feeling of cricket has evolved and grown in a tremendous way, obviously for the betterment of this game. We have seen a lot many changes in the conduction of the game starting from rules to the tools.

A few years ago, there were no shimmering bails used to make the decision easier. There have been various changes according to the comfortability of players, coaches, umpires and experts. We have witnessed inclusion of many a novelty stuff in recent past, such as day-night test matches or spider cameras or the availability of pink ball for better visibility.

Now, as the changes are taking place at a very fast pace, viewers and fraternity had a vital question in their minds and that is about the evolution of cricket in coming 10 years. Many people have given their predictions on this topic but it is explained by Paddy Upton in the most appropriate manner; the changes could be as expected or they could be turn out to be something really unexpected. 


1. Toss Will Become Little More Neutral

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Quite often, we see that toss turns out to be the deciding factor in a match. The toss winning captain gains an advantage over the opponent team but the new rules might come up with a distinct change. Basically, in coming future toss will either be advantageous for the teams or for none of them. The notable change that is expected to happen in the toss rules is that the losing captain will get to make one change in his team's playing 11.


2. Strong And Dynamic Brain Training

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Like every other sport, cricket also requires a lot of mental strength along with the physical power. To become a great on-field player, one must possess a strong skill set which is being planned to be provided and developed with the help of brain training. Maybe, we will see a new kind of headsets, which will help players to manage pressure and stress, prior to the game. We might also see some new kind of helmets which are going to be embedded with a device that will help in examining the mental state of the batsman. This kind of evolution will revolutionize cricket and will take it to a different level.


3. Introduction to Virtual Reality For Practice.


'Practice til you succeed' – As we all know, behind every successful cricketer and his marvelous inning is hard work that he puts during the nets. But, in coming years we might see some changes in the style of cricket practice. It is being planned to eliminate the traditional way of practicing by introducing the latest technology to the game. Virtual reality will be included during the practice; it will consist of virtual fielders, scorer, and umpires. Players will be trained with the help of stimulation, that is the players will practice in the real match situations. Virtual conditions will be created in accordance with the real match so that players could practice and develop a more realistic approach.


4. ODI's Might Disappear And Tests Might Get Lesser

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There are very fewer people left who actually appreciate the toughest format of cricket, TEST. It is expected that in coming 10 years, the number of those appreciators might decrease which will result in compromising with the number test matches to be played. Also, as we know, T20 has been more popular than any other format of the game and with time it will increase. The increase in the fan base of T20 might decrease both, value and popularity of one-day cricket matches.


5. Liberty To Bowlers To Bowl With Either Of The Hand

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Coming years in cricketing might bring a surprise for the bowlers; it might come with a distinct kind of liberty for them. According to Upton, like the batsmen can switch hit freely without any prior information, bowlers will also be given the freedom to bowl with any of their hands. This might turn out to be a very important change in the rules. 

If these changes happen then definitely Cricket will reach to the next level of Sports and the competition will be more healthy and tougher. What do you all think about these changes Cricket Experts?

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