How To Create An Awesome Lighting Setup For Gaming

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You want to be fully immersed in the gaming world with a complete sensory experience. And your gaming room just will not be awesome without the best lighting setup. Lighting can make such a huge difference when gaming, for both video games and in-person pool and cards games. It is able to create the right atmosphere through decorative elements, but it can also be highly functional and useful. If you’re wondering how you are going to take your gaming room to the next level of awesome, lighting is your answer.


Add Personality

There are so many options to add a sprinkle of your personality to your gaming room through the lighting you decide to go for. You can project patterns, constellations, or even the entire solar system onto your walls and ceilings to give you and your guests an awesome out-of-this-world experience. Alternatively, you can opt for a rainbow of different colors and sequences. If you’re feeling super extravagant, combine the two.


Create Ambience

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For the best gaming experience, you want to be transported, and lighting can help you achieve this surreal ambiance. The right gaming room lights will have you utterly immersed into the digital world and get you right into that gaming mood. Bright overhead daylights just don’t give you that same mood, and the sharp glare of ordinary lighting can disrupt the clarity of the screen.




Having lighting that changes and switches between colors in different sequences and patterns can actually help you concentrate for longer. It keeps you alert and focused so you can smash out long gaming sessions. When you do take a break, which you should, don’t waste your time; instead, check out the best casino reviews to pick the best site to mix up your gaming a little bit.


Lighting Placement

While you want your lighting to be cool and decorative, it also has to be functional. Ceiling lights can often result in TV glare which is a huge disruptive annoyance that you want to avoid. Lights that you can dim and alter work perfectly in gaming rooms – test out their different placements before you commit to making sure they are in the right place.


Unique And Alternative Space

One of the main reasons why people add awesome lighting to their gaming room is to create a cool and unique environment. Laser lights, patterned projections, and relaxing color changes are not what you find in your average living room. They make your space like no other and give you and your guests a complete escapist gaming experience.


Minimal Wires

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There is no doubt that gaming rooms have a lot of wiring that crisscross and tangle their way to the extension leads and sockets. The last thing you want to do is add more wiring confusion with lights. Luckily, you can create a proper gaming atmosphere by using laser lightbulbs, USB projectors, and skylights; none of which will add to your jumble of wires but will still create the effect you’re after.

Lighting is essential to create the most awesome atmosphere and immersive gaming experience that you and your friends will be totally captured by.

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