A New Study Shows That COVID Vaccine Can Give Lifelong Immunity To Fight Virus

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In this corona pandemic, a new ray of hope is given by the scientists. In a new study, scientists found that immunity against Sars-2 or COVID-19 lasted for a year. They estimated that immunity against COVID-19 could last for decades, at least in some people. However, this does not guarantee protection against re-infection but offers hope that the human body can develop antibodies that can fight COVID-19 for a long time.


What Are Antibodies?


Antibodies are the proteins that can recognize and help to inactivate viral particles are a key immune defense. After a new infection, short-lived cells called plasmablasts are an early source of antibodies. These cells recede soon after a virus is cleared from the body and other, cells make long-lasting antibodies. Memory B cells patrol the blood for re-infection, while bone marrow plasma cells hide away in bones, tricking out antibodies for decades. A plasma cell is our life history. In terms of the pathogens we have been exposed to, says Ali Ellebedy, a B-cells immunologist at Washington University.


The Recovered Patients Can Get Re-Infection

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Cases of re-infection have left both scientists and people worried about the short-lived immunity against coronavirus. Scientists fear the repetition of vaccines annually or six months to ensure consistent immunity against COVID-19 or Sars-2. Some early COVID-19 immunity studies also stoked worries when researchers found that antibody levels plunged not long after recovery.


A New Study That Brought Hope

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Ellebedy’s team tracked antibody production in 77 people who had recovered from mild cases of COVID-19. As expected, Sars-2 antibodies plummeted in the four months after infection. This decline slowed, and up to 11 months after infection, the researchers could still detect antibodies that recognized the sars-2 spike protein. The team collected memory B cells and bone marrow from a subset of participants. Seven months after developing symptoms, most of these participants still had memory B cells recognizing the Sars-2 virus.


Can The Vaccinated People Get Lifelong Immunity?

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The base of this ray of hope for lifelong immunity is that bone marrow could be involved in antibody production to fight Sars-2. The immune system generates T-cells, which remember the initial infection and neutralize pathogens when they return to attack.


This Is What The Scientists Concluded

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The scientists found that the immune system retained a portion of Sars-2, and immunity cells continued to evolve and get trained to fight the coronavirus infection with time. This also concludes that the bone marrow in the production of antibodies may result in the body being able to fight against different variants of Sars-2.


This Is What The Study Shows

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The studies also showed that the COVID-19 survivors were better placed to fight Sars-2 infection better than those who developed immunity only through vaccination. A better immunity response is expected in those infected naturally and vaccinated subsequently. It is also stated that they may also not need a booster dose. Research doesn’t state that the person can not be infected again with Coronavirus.

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