What Is COVID-19 Vaccine Passport? How It Is Helpful In Traveling Internationally?

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COVID-19 pandemic has created a threat among the people to travel to other countries. Since last year the coronavirus has an impact in many industries. The tourism, travel, and hospitality industries are the worst hit.  It is not as easy as earlier to travel to other nations; strict rules are implemented to travel internationally. It would be good to check the condition and the situation of the destination you wish to travel to. Every country has different rules for international travel as the vaccination is started all over the country. It is very much possible that we will get rid of coronavirus soon. People who are getting vaccinated are given a certificate to prove that they have been immunized with coronavirus. There is no such policy currently in India. However, the COVID-19 vaccine passport will surely make travel easier.


Vaccination Status In India

COVID-19 Vaccine Benefit

In India, vaccination started on January 16. The vaccination started for healthcare workers and frontline staff as a first phase. Now, it has reached a 0.32 % percentage of the population.

On Wednesday, the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare informed that more than 2.43 crore COVID-19 vaccine doses had been vaccinated across the states and Union Territories. These include 71 lakhs and 38 lakhs first and second dose for healthcare workers, respectively. Also, there are 69 lakhs and 4 lakhs doses as a first and second dose for frontline workers.

COVID-19 Vaccine Passport

The people who are all vaccinated are given a certificate that they are immunized against the COVID-19 virus. The idea is the passenger can travel to any place without quarantining. However, it can only be used to travel within the country.


What Are Other Nations Doing For This?

Traveling During COVID

Many countries started working on issuing vaccine passports to individuals to certify them they are free from the COVID-19 virus. The COVID-19 vaccine passport assured that an individual has immunity to fight against viruses. Israel is one of the first countries to issue such a document called a green passport to the individual. The document can be convenient. People with the COVID-19 vaccine passport can easily travel. They can even access gyms, hotels, restaurants, theatres, and concerts. A few things like indoor dining in restaurants and bars to be included soon.

Like Israel, Iceland, Denmark, and Hungary are working towards issuing COVID-19 vaccine passports to travelers. It will help people to travel without quarantining. Tourist-dependent countries like Greece want the document to serve as a vaccine passport. It will allow travelers to avoid tests and quarantines when traveling.


Similar To Yellow Card

Yellow Card

There is no doubt COVID-19 vaccine passport is one of the primary documents for travelers. It is like a yellow card issued for yellow fever travelers from African countries to the US or India. The yellow card is proof that the traveler is vaccinated against yellow fever. The vaccine passport is a digitally accessed digital document that stores the vaccination records of the individual.


IATA Travel Pass

IATA Travel Pass

The International Air Transport Association is developing an app called IATA Travel pas. It is a digital platform for passengers to record the vaccination and other details to prove that they can travel without hesitation. There is another initiative from Commons Project called CommonPass. CommonPass will have a passenger’s vaccination record.

There are concerns over the safety of personal data. The data can be misused. However, the COVID-19 vaccine passport is an important document. It will help to store the COVID-19 status of the individual. As vaccination is started in many countries, recording the individual’s vaccination records will help travelers. It will be good for people working in the aviation industry.

India is helping the world by supplying COVID-19 vaccines. There are many countries where India has supplied the vaccine. To everyone’s surprise, the COVID-19 vaccine is said to cure other life-threatening diseases like cancer and even heart-related diseases.

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